Thursday, November 17, 2016

Step by Step Guide That Will Help You On How To Publish Blogspot email

Did you know that you can post on your blog BlogSpot, send me. Yes, it is possible, and that's why I created this guide to help you achieve this goal.

So go ahead, so I tell you step by step how to do it.

Step 1: Define the e-mail settings.

To send a message by e-mail, first go to the E-mail section on the Settings tab. You can access the settings on the "Dashboard" page.

Step 2: Create an e-mail address to send publications.

Once the settings, go to the E-mail section and enter a word "secret" in the box:

Step 3: "Secret" means not sharing.

Make sure the "Publish" box is checked, then click the "Save Settings" button. The e-mail address to send blog posts is:

YourBlogUsername (whatever their secret word) @ (For example, the address of the following user example would be:

Step 4: Send an e-mail!
Write a message in your e-mail account and send it to the address you have created. The subject will be inserted as the title. All formatting (bold or italic) appears as on the screen editor.

Step 5: Warning!

If your email automatically adds a signature at the end of your email, insert #end at the end of your post to prevent post with your message.

You can insert the image, matching the composed message by mail.

PS Note that this blog method in the mail, you can not add tags to the post for now.




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