Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Verizon offered by the Moto Z Play for $ 10 installments, knocks 7 $ off

When it comes to the identification of flagship models of smartphones from the Motorola brand, one would not but notice that the Moto Z Play is not in this league and doesn’t been manage to crawl into the leagues of high end devices by this same manufacturer.

However, we were surprised by the appearance that some high-end are not able to compensate for their lack of class by wrapping a large 3150mAh battery that will take him through all the tasks you want to perform or give Qualcomm snapdragon chipset 625 which is under the hood.

At Verizon, we used to see this device sold for a total sales price of $ 408 and those who would like to have yours in the contract would total $ 17 over a period of 24 months. Go to the database and the list of some of the carriers now, there seems to be a new change that would get the device for less than $ 10 per month for the next 24 months that effectively brings the total retail price $ 240.

Although there is no indication of how long this offer will be implemented, there is a warning in the sense that this promotion is only available for new users who come bring their lines to the Big Red, and former customers could do to try with the old pricing information.




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