Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Ways You Can Get A Post to go viral

Theres a blogger here in Australia who wrote blogs regularly and had a small track (a few thousand people) and one day wrote a blog post published in their media, then VIRAL. Within hours, he was one of the most popular women in Aus. No more than six months later, has written a book and is now on a world tour. Not the name, but a forum Aussies probably know who I mean.

So the creation of a post-viral, obviously, it seems to be the quick fix to get my mark to the right people. Need not be a blog but no social position has the ability to go viral so here are two things that I picked up on how to get there.

Make content sharing:

It seems obvious, but if you can get people to share your message on social networks it becomes visible in their calendars for friends and so on and so on, once collected some traction will not be too long before its content is in the world.

While many people are too parts (and you probably blocked your RSS feed for this reason!) Overall, people share two reasons to entertain your friends, or because the content is appropriate for a shared experience that they have had with the others.

So keep your educational positions promote your product or service, a life lesson, or anything else that is most likely to find useful. And then try to make it entertaining to boot - I always take this to mean the fun and humor that will attract a large target market.

Be controversial:

This is a common way that people go viral, but probably not the one I'm comfortable with myself. The reason why this will not work for me at this stage because I want my company to be represented in a positive light by all (wherever possible) and if I share half the population thats a statistical risk for me. But the controversy is causing havoc on the playing field of social media so it is recommended if you want to wake up a little reaction.

Has anyone other tips on how to produce content that may go viral? Or is it all in the luck of the draw?




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