Wednesday, November 9, 2016

You Can Still Make Money Online With A Blog

Everyone repeats the same thing ... adsense, adsense, adsense ... which is fine, but this is not the main component of a successful business online / blog. You first need to structure their content based on the niche that directs and writes REAL, quality content, if you're not writing at ease high quality articles, then I recommend hiring an experienced writer ... do not take shortcuts.
Superior content will position your site as an authority and also be an asset if you decide to sell it later. you not in accordance with the low quality content, pay a little more and you enjoy years later.

First know what demographic you want to target. As you said that you want to start a health blog is good because you can solve this problem in different ways. Follow these

1. Write the content you are passionate and can generate a lot of traffic
2. Use this traffic to become email subscribers.
3. Send them things that are innovative and interested guard.
4. When you get confidence, start selling products that can be yours or someone else.
You can earn serious money if you focus on the last point. There are people selling things that do not require strict nutritional FDA approval. You can sell these products in exchange for a fee. But before getting into all this selling business, make a blog that explains the benefits of certain vitamins for a human body without mentioning any intention to sell the product immediately. This will show your audience that you are not just a greedy seller. After introducing the product at the end and show how the product is competes well with others in the market.

How To Make Money From A Blog:
1) Set up your blog
2) Start creat
ing useful content
3) Get off your blog and start finding readers
4) Build engagement with the readers that come
5) Start making money from the readership you have through one or more of a variety of income streams

Is a matter of time things will work out for you 




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