Sunday, December 11, 2016

Have you noticed the fresh Play Store layout and transitions for search results?

Google has formed a habit of tossing us around with regular changes to its Play Store. And now Google is trying its hands on a fresh new shade of green, with a bigger depth of green than the previous one. Have you not seen it? There is also the large uninstall button as well as tweaked list view for apps. What we are hearing now is something quite fresh deploying big cards for apps which could be swiped horizontally through in search results.

So when you want to search for an app, if you tap a result, you will redirected to the fresh view. There you see the present content but rather of in fullscreen, it is tucked up in a card. When you scroll down, the size of the card increases, and when you scroll up, it shrinks back! When you swipe horizontally, right or left, you come within sight of the other results of the search.

Well we can’t say if this is just some brief test or if it is gradually rolling through via a server-side switch. One thing Google has built a reputation is iterating a lot, trying its hands on lot of things, we are yet to tell if this is going to be permanent.




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