Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Download Game: Airport City: Airline Tycoon v5.8.9 Apk + Mod For Android

Game Describtion:

Airport City: Airline Tycoon is a fantastic game with HD graphics in the Android-based arcade style, with which you will be able to build your own airport and build hundreds Fly to the sky! The game, which is one of the most popular Android games, includes two different modes: the player can first build a very modern airport, and in the rest of the way, build a ci
ty to support the airport and fascinate for hours. Be the game. In this game , while managing your airport, you send a lot of planes to different parts of the world and meet a lot of lovely characters and collect various items from around the world and excite the game more than before Turned up The game has a very high level of graphics due to its low volume and is updated regularly and added to its popularity and excitement by adding new features to it! If you’re an entertainer with Android fun games that can hit you on the phone for hours, there’s no doubt Airport City: Airline Tycoon is a good option.
Game ScreenShot:

Game Features:

Possibility to build different holes and bands by the player as desired
Possibility of sending different planes to the corners of this earth
Collect gains to open up new destinations and buy new types of aircraft
Possibility to import different sexes from distant lands to the country
Meet lovely and fascinating characters throughout the game
Collecting profits from business buildings and upgrading metropolitan infrastructure
The possibility of building a variety of commercial and residential buildings with the possibility of decorating by the player
A simple interface and addictive gameplay with fantastic graphics and high quality sounds
Most importantly, the game is free!

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