Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Dark Knight Rises v1.1.6 – The Dark Knight game For Android + Data

Game Describtion:

After the introduction of the amazing games, Lavtat this time comes to play the incredibly beautiful and stunning The Dark Knight Rises ( The Dark Knight ) whose story is based on the same things that happen in a movie of the same name and you You have to watch the movie so that you can make the best possible moves on some of the events, and of course the story is not exactly the same as the movie, and a series of additional events and mini-games have been added to the game and created a fantastic and exciting game for you. Is! You are in the role of Batman in the Dark Knight and you must jump over the ceilings and watch with your gadgets and gadgets in Gotham City ! The Dark Knight gameplay is divided into different chapters, and in each season you have various missions that you must do one after the other. You should do as many missions as possible, including freeing hostages, disarming bombers and hacking switches.

Game ScreenShot:

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