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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Get 1400Naira With Just 200Naira On Etisalat Super Bonus Offer

Etisalat is here again with another wonderful bonus offer called SuperBonusOffer. Just two days ago that Glo launched Flexi recharge that gives easy access to data and voice, Etisalat also bring in their own offer which seems to surpass glo offer. Network providers are really competing to win more customers by force.

How To Activate This SuperBonusOffer
Firstly, buy a new Etisalat sim and register it.
Then recharge 200naira to get 1400naira instantly plus 1GB for N500.
Then enjoy!

Note: It is one-time offer.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

TweakWare VPN With Glo N0 Unlimited Free Browsing Tweak Is Back And Better

Although both psiphon handler and tweakware VPN works with the Glo N0 free browsing tweaks, the tweakware VPN is actually more preferable. Unlike the psiphon handler, the tweakware internet speed isn't throttled after using 10mb, it's also easier to configure and consumes less battery when compared to psiphon.

Unfortunately, tweakware suddenly stopped working with the Glo N0 tweak few days ago and this made some user to migrate to psiphon which isn't a good alternative while others switched to the Airtel N0 tweak, which has also been blocked now.But the good news is that tweakware VPN is now working with the Glo N0 tweak again. What makes it even better is that there is no needs to upgrade or modify any settings. All you need to do is to click on the conect button and you will be connected in a few seconds.

How To Setup Glo Unlimited Free Browsing With Tweakware VPN
=> Setup your phones APN as shown below.
APN; Glosecure
APN type: default,supl

=> Download the latest tweakware VPN from playstore or from this Link.

=> Launch the tweakware VPN app and click on settings at the top right corner of the screen.

=> From the settings options, click on bundle settings.

=> Tick "Use Bundled Settings"'.

=> Click on "Select Bundled Settings" and choose "(NG GLO) 0.0#.

=> Now go back, choose any server and click on connect.

That's all guys. You have just setup your tweakware VPN app for Glo #0.0. Enjoy it while it last.

If it works for you then let me know in the comment section below and also don't forget to kindly share this post on your various social media platforms.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hottest Glo Data Plans January 2017 - Cheapest Bundles Ever

Glo has the best and cheapest data plans in Nigeria as of this year 2017 when compared to data bundles from other networks at the moment. No wonder they are called "grandmasters of data". How do you see 3.2GB for N1000? When other networks are giving 1.5gb at the same price unless you apply tricks or lucky to be given double data bonuses as in the case of MTN and Airtel. 

Well, i will be reviewing all Glo data plans and bundles on this article so that you can read and make a better data choice that suites your lifestyle. Remember, I recently published a post on best MTN data plans 2017 

As usual, I will categorize the data plans according to validity period starting with daily plans, weekly plans and of course, the monthly plans as well as their prices and subscription codes. 

All the Glo plans works on Android phones, tablets, iPads, iPhones, internet modem via PC, PSP consols and even smart calculators. 

Having said that, shall we proceed to the glo data review? Oh yes i think you are ready. Let's go there. 

Glo Daily Data Plans
Like i said earlier, glo data bundles are the best; whether it's daily, weekly or monthly bundles, glo is unmatchable. Check out below plans. Daily plans are handy and i tagged them "quicky plans" that saves you whenever you suddenly run out of data plans. They are cheap and good enough to allow you complete the task you are doing online.

30MB for #50 Plan

While MTN gives you 30MB with N100, Glo said you deserve more by offering 50MB for just N100 Naira. 

To subscribe for this plan dial *127*14#
Alternatively Text "14” to 127

100MB for #100 Plan

How time flies. Few years ago, we used to get 100mb with N1000 but now it's all history. This is because Globacom offers you 100MB for just N100 Naira. Hahahaa... Recession no reach where Glo dey o 

To subscribe for this plan dial *127*51#
Alternatively, Text “51” to 127

200MB for #200 Plan

While the previous plans mentioned above valid for one day, this one stretches up to 3 days. 

To opt in for this plan dial *127*56#
Alternatively Text “56” to 127

Glo Weekly Plans
This is yet another interesting plan that subdues those from other networks.

1.6GB for #500 Plan

With just N500 naira, you get 1.6GB of data while both MTN and Airtel gives just 750mb at the same price. The plan is actually valid for 10 days which is even more than one week as stated. It is undoubtedly the best and cheapest weekly plan as of now. 

To subscribe for this plan, dial *127*57#
Alternatively, Text “57” to 127

Glo Monthly Data Bundles
Oh yea... I know you have been waiting for this one. Monthly plans are the most popular plans used by so many people and Glo offers the cheapest monthly data plans as at the time of this review. Below are the different monthly bundles from Globacom.
3.2GB for #1,000 Plan

When Glo introduced this plan, i thought it was a mistake from their server but to my greatest surprise, it was actually real. This plan beats all other monthly plans as other networks offers 1.5GB with N1000 while with Glo, you get 3.2GB for N1000. (1.7GB higher than what you’ll get elsewhere). It lasts you for one month. Isn't it awesome? 

To subscribe for this data bundle dial *127*53#
Alternatively, Text “53” to 127

7.5 GB for #2,000

Here we go again. How about getting 7.5GB with 2k? Don't you think it's a good value for money if you are like me that uses lots of data. 

To subscribe for this plan dial *777# and follow the prompts


6GB for #2000 Plan
Dial *127*55#
Text “55” to 127
10GB for #2,500 Plan
Dial *127*58#
Text “58” to 127
12GB for #3,000 Plan
Dial *127*54#
Text “54” to 127
18GB for ₦4,000
Dial *127*59#
Text “59” to 127.

24GB for #5,000 Plan 

Dial *127*2# 
48GB for #8,000 Plan
Dial *127*1#

60GB for #15,000 Plan

Dial *127*12#
90GB for #18,000 Plan 
Dial *127*13#

All valid for 30 days.

Night and Weekend Plans

1GB for #200

Those of you that prefer browsing at night f

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Glo Latest Free Browsing Settings Using Tweakware Red V1.8 Handler VPN - December 2016/2017

It really seems that this year ends with the free navigation of users Glo trap because there is a lack of rounds of navigation on another network also appears that the recession also affected telecom operators because they are anxious and push increase The price of data. We will distribute this free navigation using Tweakware Red V1.8 VPN.

You can also enjoy the latest Etisalat free navigation tips while enjoying free Glo last navigation with immediate speed. Follow the procedure below and be prepared to flex.


Now, if you choose to use with Glo, PayU text in an SMS to 127
- Do not have an active data plan or credit on your glo line (in fact, there must be 0.00kb)
- stable 3G network Glo
- Finally, your Android device.

Make sure that the configuration of your access point is configured correctly, you can use

Make sure that the configuration of your access point is configured correctly, you can use

You can also use this:


You can select one of the high-end servers to use. Just enjoy and still flex as it lasts.

If you enjoyed this article, please thank your comment

APN: Gloflat

Proxy: leave empty

Port: leave blank

Username: flat


APN: Glosecure

Proxy: leave empty

Port: leave blank

Username: secure

Password: secure

Start the VPN and then in the command menu, set as shown below

Type Proxy: actual Host

Proxy server:

Now scroll down and click OK.

Then select your preferred server and click Start.

You have to be connected and at this point you are connected to the internet and good to go.

You can select any of the premium servers you wish to use. Just Enjoy and Keep Flexing it while it last.

Friday, December 9, 2016

How To Get 100 GB Free Glo

- Recharge Card # 100 Glo

- Load the number * 123 * pin #


Subscribe Just for GLO PLAN 30mb [by dialing * 777 #]

After subscription, try to unsubscribe immediately ....

Then you get a txt like

"Dear customer, your plan will expire soon after which will be transferred to Flexi voice and data reloading.Use it as you like.To buy another visit data plan or dial * 777 #. "

"CONGRATS! You have successfully subscribed the data plan which gives 1,022,976 PayU Mb expiring on 20/12/2084 22:58."

Monday, November 28, 2016

Set Up Your Glo 0.0k XP Psiphon Configuration Now 

Many people probably downloaded the new VPN can jump accelerator is Psiphon XP however can not be set for free shipping and is definitely special to other VPN configurations as it comes with the latest interface, new performance and many bets Up to date.

So in this post I will write about how to set it up with its free 0.0K global navigation for faster browsing and also going to teach how to use hotspot for laptops, desktops, tablets and Telephones.

How to configure Glo for free 0.0K Navigation XP Psiphon

• First send PayU 127.

• Then Psiphon XP download by clicking here.

• Open and click on the 3 short lines and then click XP Generator and place the settings below.

• URL / HOST ::

? PROXY (IP / PORT) ::

• ✅ Mark :: real Host

As indicated below

• Then click Generate then be logged in and you can start burning! .

Using Psiphon XP Hotspot

This method'm on the list can work for someone if you read and understand perfectly ..

• First, they hotspot.

• Go back to your connected XP Psiphon and click on the 3 short lines

• Then click Tether and click Wether Wi-Fi and click Start.

After clicking on startup, just connect to the hotspot of the receiving device and start surfing.

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Get UC Mini Handler Settings For Glo 0.00kb Free Browsing Cheat - Unlimited Download

Glo 0.00kb free tips through UC navigation Mini Handler continues to operate and now with unlimited download, even if people have had trouble downloading this tweak before, but hey, the solution is for now you can download as want, as long as you follow the trick in this publication.

This trap works only in the UC Browser Mini Manager
No acceleration speed
The trick does not enable all applications
It's completely free, so we call glo 0.00 tricks
Interestingly, there is unlimited
Remember that you must be in the plan Glo Pay As You Go (Payu), please PayU SMS to 127 if it is not in the plan. Now, once you get a response that "it uses the data from pay as you go sailing." Active mode ✈ aircraft for several seconds, then turn it off in normal mode. Then continue with the following parameters.
First, download UC Mini Handler here

APN settings
✔ APN: gloflat
✔ Type of APN: default & Supp Tick
✔ Proxy: leave blank
✔ Port: leave blank
Now open the application controller CPU on your mobile phone and put it with the following parameters:
✔ User Agent device: Click and choose Android
✔ Web User Agent: Click and select Opera or Safari
✔ download limit manager: 9999999991
✔ Brand eliminate port
✔ Proxy type: Real Host
✔ Proxy:
✔ actual proxy type: Default or HTTP
Puerto Real Proxy: 80
Save and open a website.

✔ To download a file, game, video or music,
✔ Go to the site as
✔ To download a film of the season, just select the movie you wish to download and choose to download 3gp or mp4
✔ Go to the discharge portion and long touch what you download and view three-point option, click it, then press the detail.
✔ Scroll down and press Copy, press the Back button, press the movie again, press something like the basket, press delete, then press Return.
✔ After that, press a new tab and go to a site like WebProxy or, remove the http: // or in the box
✔ Press and hold the box, press the press rubber or go sailing.
✔ Bring german.php or browse.php, delete or browse.php german.php, put the file name, ie, whether the film, the movie name e. G "Journal of Jennifer"
✔ then it ends with the extension .mp4 or .3gp
✔ For electronic music. G Alert Bank, ends with .mp3
✔ For PDF, for example, documentation files, ends with .pdf
✔ For an application, e. G Mobdro, then finish with .apk
After that, click Download name format and correct file as shown above and you are good to go. unlimited download you want with glo 0.00 rounds without interruption.
Meanwhile, in any case stop downloading at any time, you have to do is open a new tab, go to, log and continue downloading. Enjoy change duration.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Glo Has Repackaged Double Free Tomorrow and 11k/s for All, and IDD Packs

Not long after introducing the Glo Borrow Me Data, Glo has just repackaged three of their products which are Double Free Tomorrow, 11k/s for All, and IDD Packs .

Glo is really trying all it takes to win as much customers as possible and they aren't doing bad at all.
Double Free Tomorrow: With this package, Glo will credit their subscribers with 200% the value of airtime used on calls, text Message and data in a day which can be used the next day.
What this means is that if the total data used, calls made and sms sent is valued at N1,000, Glo will give the subscriber a total credit of N2,000 free the next day.
To enjoy this offer, all you need to do is to dial *300#.
Gbam Plus 11k per second: This package let's you make local calls and international calls to up 30 destinations at a flat rate of 11k/s.
To migrate to this package, just dial *211# at an access fee of just N5 per day.
New IDD Packs: The IDD Packs let's you make calls from Nigeria to 30 international destinations at N6.60 per minute.
The IDD 100 gives the subscriber 12 minutes of call valid for 3 days, while IDD 200 gives 24 call minutes for 7 days. The IDD 500 bundle gives 60 minutes of call for 14 days, while the fourth bundle, IDD 1000, will give the user 150 call minutes valid for 30 days.
So guys there you have it, what do have to say about this packages from Glo. Let me know in the comment box below.