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Sunday, July 23, 2017

How To Apply For Nigerian Google Adsense

I know most bloggers mindset, after creating their blog they want to apply for Google Adsense immediately. But the issue is, some don’t even know how to go about it to get accepted by Google. I do see newbies blogger always posting the question on most online forums and on bloggers Facebook groups on how to apply for a Nigerian Google Adsense account and get verified legally.

Most bloggers are eager to earn their income through Google Adsense and they are even ready to pay to get a verified Google Adsense account.
Google Adsense is a platform developed by Google, to enable owners of websites or blogs earn money online. Google Adsense permits publishers of websites, differing in size and expertise, to earn passive income, via the placement of targeted adverts, which will feature on the pages of the website.

Google Adsense has been a bone to the economic fortunes of an increasing number of website and blog owners, especially in Nigeria. These sites have been able to earn substantial sums as revenue as a result of the qualitative and often quantitative posts and content that are relevant in online searches and resources.

Blogs and Websites like Lindaikejisblog, bellanaija, pricepadi and Nigerianmonitor are a few stellar examples of entities that are reaping the benefits that Google Adsense provides.
In order for an online entrepreneur to reap the benefits accruable from utilizing Google Adsense here in Nigeria, there are certain minimum requirements that must be met, before any website or blog can begin to earn revenue. The requirements, broken down stepwise, are as follows:

Applying For Google Adesnse in Nigeria

1. Create a Google Account
This is the first step every web owner must embark upon in Nigeria, in applying for Google Adsense in Nigeria. A Google account permits you access to all the features on offer by Google, including Google Adsense.
2. Have a Website/Blog
It is important that the entrepreneur owns/runs a website that has been in operation for some time. For Google Adsense in Nigeria, and indeed for other parts of the world, the minimum stipulated time to be considered for a Google Adsense account is six months.
3. Original Content Generation
For one to successfully apply for a Google Adsense in Nigeria, it is imperative that the content and posts of the website/blog has relevant and quality content.
Because the idea behind the operation of Google Adsense is that advertisers would only place adverts that are related to what you write/blog about; which should ordinarily attract a targeted audience to your web pages.
4. Have a HTML Code enable Website/Blog
To successfully apply for a Google Adsense account, the entrepreneur must possess a blog/website that permits the pasting and editing of HTML source code. The ability to paste and edit HTML source code is important so as to enable the display of desired advert materials. For those who do not have such a website that permits the pasting of HTML source code, Google provides for such through one of its services, Google Blogger. One can create a blogger account through this service.
The entrepreneur must then apply for a Google Adsense account in Nigeria. One must specify the type of advertiser you wish to be, choose the kinds of adverts you want to display; the more options, the more revenue the site/blog is able to make.
The applicant must customize the adverts settings on the Google Adsense account, as well as provide relevant information such as names, age, bank operated, forwarding address and other relevant data.
The user can customize the adverts, and determine where the adverts should appear on the site/blog, as well as employ the targeted marketing feature, in order to attract the right audience to the adverts being displayed.
Refining Your Content
It is important that the entrepreneur continually improves on the postings/writings/content of the website

Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to sign out of play store in any android mobile

Hello friends, Now everyone using google play store for download their favorite android apps easily from play store. Commonly In google play store you can get millions of apps for free. Also there are many paid apps available. Here in zybermedia, am previously am sharing Best websites for download paid android apps for free. But here in this tutorial am sharing step by step guide for How to sign out of play store app in your android mobile. You can signout from play store for certain time as your wish for your security purposes. Because now a days many users loss their account details and other info’s from play store. So follow the below steps to sign out of play store and stay more secure from hackers.

Sign out from paly store is not hardest method to secure your android. After logout from play store, you need to log in again for download and update your android apps. So here am sharing most wanted 2 methods for sign out of play sore easily in android mobile. Acually in google play store you can’t sign out officially. You can sign out by removing your google play store account from your android fro logout from play store. By using some below techniques, you can easily sign out from play store.

How to sign out of play store :

  • Open settings option in your android mobile.
  • Then click on accounts section and tap on google.
  • Here you can get multiple google accounts which is currently linked in your android.
  • Then select the google account which is linked with google play store and click on More.
  • In the more menu, you can get remove account option.
  • Now remove the account and confirm.

Then your selected google account removed from your android mobile. That means Now you are successfully sign out of play store. After removing your account from settings you can’t use play store for download and update android apps. You can add your account manually again for use play store again with your selected google account.

How to sign out of play store using logout app :

In google play store, you can get various types of cool applications for improve the android performance. Like the other cool android apps logout is the useful app for logout from any android application that you logged in your android device. Just follow the procedure for how to use logout app for sign out of play store.

  • Open Google play store and click on search box.
  • Now type logout and install this app in your android mobile.
  • Then open the logout app and select Logout All Accounts Tab.
  • Your logged accounts of all android apps will logout instantly in a seconds.
  • Currently this app supported in only selected devices.

So guys, In this post you can understand How to sign out of play store in your android mobile and sign out from gmail accounts. The above given methods working fine in all devices without any issues. I hope this article will help you to sign out google play store in android. If you have any troubles with above methods, Don’t forgot to comment here. Share this post with your friends and keep visiting for more updates.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Google Now Planning To Launch A Desktop App For Allo

Popular whatsapp rival, Google Allo , the instant messaging app, will soon have a Desktop application. Google's own Nick Fox tweeted about the desktop app of Google Allo. He said the product is still in early development, which means, the application will be launched sooner or later.

Below is Nick Fox tweet and photo of the desktop Google Allo;

Google Allo Desktop App

Nick Fox Tweet
Not too long ago, Google Allo fell from the top 500 Apps on playstore. This is bad and I think Google should just create one app that combines SMS, MMS, RCS, Allo, and video calling and call it Android messaging and not by making us download separate Apps for different tasks.

However, if Google doesn't change or step up its game, other popular messaging apps like Facebook messenger and WhatsApp would overtake and push Allo to a closet.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

YouTube Plans To Remove 30- seconds Unskippable Ads Display

YouTube is a platform where users can stream online videos. YouTube has revealed its plan to discontinue the regular and mandatory 30-seconds adverts on videos in the platform. If you
do watch YouTube videos, you would notice that before you start watching most videos, a short ads display first before the actual video you wanted to watch (Depends on if it is been monetized).

Although, these ads can be skipped after 30 seconds, but stats shows that many YouTube users are not happy with it. And considering that Facebook is also planning to launch their own standalone video streaming app, I believe YouTube has sensed the fierce competition ahead and prompted to act fast in order not to loose some viewers to Facebook.

YouTube is worlds most popular video streaming social platform with millions of videos uploaded frequently. Read below excerpt ...
As part of that, we’ve decided to stop supporting 30-second unskippable ads as of 2018 and focus instead on formats
that work well for both users and advertisers
Proper viewer targeting and moderation seem to be the key here. 

Google's intentions are to focus more on the six-second unskippable format for the future, as well as its TrueView ad system. The latter allows for excellent flexibility on both the advertiser's and user's end. It makes things like opt-in in-stream and suggested ads possible. Both of which can be highly targeted and even made to work as part of the creator's content itself.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Have you noticed the fresh Play Store layout and transitions for search results?

Google has formed a habit of tossing us around with regular changes to its Play Store. And now Google is trying its hands on a fresh new shade of green, with a bigger depth of green than the previous one. Have you not seen it? There is also the large uninstall button as well as tweaked list view for apps. What we are hearing now is something quite fresh deploying big cards for apps which could be swiped horizontally through in search results.

So when you want to search for an app, if you tap a result, you will redirected to the fresh view. There you see the present content but rather of in fullscreen, it is tucked up in a card. When you scroll down, the size of the card increases, and when you scroll up, it shrinks back! When you swipe horizontally, right or left, you come within sight of the other results of the search.

Well we can’t say if this is just some brief test or if it is gradually rolling through via a server-side switch. One thing Google has built a reputation is iterating a lot, trying its hands on lot of things, we are yet to tell if this is going to be permanent.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Powerful Use google Translate For Webmaster 

Google has been very helpful in almost all areas of technology. In the domain of

Web Search, Google has the advantage with the Google search engine, which is actually my favorite. (I also suppose) In addition to the search function is mainly known, Google also has other products such as Google, Chrome, Google,  Maps for mobile, Google Apps for Work, AdSense, Earth, Custom SearchGmail, Drive, DocsSheetsDrawings, SitesCalendar, Translator, Google , Blogger,

All of this is wonderful tools that cover both our social needs, office or business, geo, media, games, finance and research. Great collection, right?

Well, I will tell you more about Google Translate, which is so essential for a webmaster or interested Blogger

I have seen online forums and sites where foreign visitors come, read what is there (perhaps through translation), and then make comments with their own language. But no one answers. Comments simply hang there without attention. While the webmaster / blogger responds in English or in the language he understands, all that concerns is omitted. But to be honest, it is unfair and does not increase the return of visitors to your site. This is where you set Google Translate.

This is a screenshot when I recently Google Translate.

As you can see above, replying was so easy. I just typed in english, instantly got the translation and then replied immediately using the same language. Isn't that cool?

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Management of Facebook, WhatsApp and sms messages in an application: Drupe

With all the messaging applications available for your Android phone, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and old SMS app trust, managing quickly can become chaotic and confusing. Fortunately, recently a small application called Drupe Play Store, which allows you to manage all your email applications and send messages from an ideal location was launched.

We have found the perfect application to help you take control of your many, many email applications / © GIZNG

Once you have installed Drupe, collect all your contacts and email applications, list your contacts in a bubble to the left of the screen and icons for your different e-mail applications right. From there it is just a matter of dragging a contact to one of your email applications to immediately open the application and start writing a message to your chosen contact.

Another feature that will please fans drupe cleaning is the fact that it can condense all the notifications of your contacts in its different messaging applications to a single Drupe notification. This means more congestion in the notification menu.

You want to manage all other email applications on your WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger and all in one place? Now you can. / © Drupe
Contacts Phone Dialer: drupe

To have constant access to Drupe you can configure it to display a four-point non-intrusive logo on the left or right side of the screen that appears on all the applications that you opened at that time. This makes it very easy to simply drag and drop into the Drupe list of your contacts and email applications and the absence message.

It is not often, we receive a lot of praise in an application, but the manufacturers (and Google itself) has not yet found good internal solutions quickly and carefully to manage the various messaging services on your device. Drupe is designed so well that it almost feels like a characteristic of Android actions, and will take all your WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook and other messaging services under control.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Google Translate Enhanced By Neural Machine Translation Technology

Internet has made the world feel smaller, connecting people all over the Earth. The problem? Many of us speak different languages! Of course, some of you speak several languages, but for many of us - including your servant - one is all we know.

Fortunately, translation services like Google Translate, remove barriers, allowing people to communicate more easily, despite differences in language. Today, the research giant announced that its service has greatly improved thanks to the Neural Machine Translation technology.

But wait, what is Neural Machine Translation, anyway? Barak Turovsky, product manager for Google, explains the following.

At a high level, the system translates into complete sentences of neurons at a time, rather than piece by piece. Use this wider context to help you find the most relevant translation, which then rearranges and adjusted to be more like a human conversation with grammar. As it is easier to understand each sentence, paragraph and translated articles are much softer and easier to read. And all this is possible through an end-to-end learning system based on Neural Automatic Translation, which basically means that the system learns over time to create better quality and more natural translations.

Turovsky also said that "today we are launching neuronal translation machines with a total of eight languages ​​and towards English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Turkish. These represent the mother tongue of about a third of the world's population, covering more than 35 percent of all Google Translate queries.

While many of the more popular Google Translate langauges are supported by this technology, the search giant still has a long way to go. However, as some people say, "do not leave the ideal in the best way." In other words, Google deserves congratulations for improving the service, although only a fraction of users experience the benefits today.