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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Best Websites to Learn Ethical Hacking Online For Free

Here is the Best Websites to Learn Ethical Hacking Online for free. Hacking is the art of exploits, many worldwide users trying to become a hacker by learn ethical hacking for free. By using below best sites, You can learn ethical hacking online. Or you can also using some best book to learn ethical hacking. But learning hacking in online is easy and fast learning. There are many sites providing free hacking tutorials and explanations for easy understanding in hacking. Here am collected best websites for how to learn ethical hacking at home. Just follow any below site and start learning at home for free.

Many of you asking how to become hacker. For become a hacking expert, You must have basic requirements for understanding the exploits and able to hack anything online. At first you have to learn basic programming languages requirements. C Programming and C Programming is the basic two languages for learn all other programming languages easily. So you must have basic learning to program online knowledge. Like this post, You can learning programming online with some best sites like w3schools online learning program. Ok, Now am gonna share you this best sites for learn ethical hacking online.

Best Websites to Learn Ethical Hacking Online :

This all sites providing free hacking course with advanced tutorials for beginners for become white hat hacker and black hat hacker. You can become the great hacker by learn all hacking basics and tutorials for free. In my opinion, for become a proper hacker, at first you need basic programming languages knowledge. Then Learn penetration testing online. You can also learn ethical hacking step by step pdf files. You can download my pdf files providing in this post for learn all programming languages.

Learn C and C Basic Programming Offline – Learn C / C Programming.Pdf [In this Pdf File, You can learn the c programming and c Programming easily. Just Download Google Pdf Viewer In your android mobile and download the given pdf file. Then open the file and start learning.]

So guys above all guides will help you to learn ethical hacking online and become ethical hacker. Learn others hacking tutorials, learn everyday. Join with hacking forums and link with online hackers. Learn How to handle Linux operating system. And you need Able to think like a criminal. Then you can become a perfect hacker.

Friday, February 24, 2017

How To Hack Someones Instagram Account 2017

Here am gonna share you this working method for how to hack someones instagram without their password for free 2017. Instagram is one of the best social network with 100 million members and millions of pageviews everyday. So here is the tutorial for how to instagram account easily. There are millions of accounts hacked in instagram by using this method. Want to hack your friends and enemies instagram account without paying anything to hackers.

In many sites you can hack accounts online like how to hack facebook online. How to hack gmail online and other social network hacking online tools availabe on web. This method also like other online hacking site. For hack instagram account you have to open the below link provided in this post and gain users login details for free. No need any hacking talents and other hacking basic learnings for hack instagram account. Just follow the below method and enjoy instagram hacking.

Features of this hack instagram account 2017 method :

  • Hack any instagram account for free.
  • No need any special hacking talents.
  • Coding and programming knowledge not required.
  • No need any malicious software install.
  • Unlimited free updates.
  • No need to pay anything, it’s completely free.

How To Hack Someones Instagram Account 2017 :

  • At first open the instagram hacker sitefrom here
  • Click on start hacking instagram account link.
  • Paste the instagram account id whom you want to hack.
  • Then click on I Agree and Continue button.
  • Then Choose export method as compressed zip file.
  • Now Download the login details of instagram account.

Enjoy Free instagram account hacking with online instagram hacking tool. This not available on search engines for easy access. You can only view this site with private link. If you were unable to open the site with pc. Just use your android mobile and follow the procedures.

The above method will works fine for solve your question about how to hack instagram. Enjoy instagram hack for free without any softwares and surveys for free.

Best Ways To Hack Wifi In Android, iPhone & PC

Here am gonna share you this best ways to hack wifi in android, iphone and pc. There are many wep tools available in web for hacking wifi passwords. By hack wifi, you can use free internet in your pc and android for free without any internet charges. In this post, am sharing the below methods for all android and iphone users can hack wifi password in just few minutes without any hacking knowledge. Learn how to hack wifi password for free in android smartphones and computers with this wifi hacking tricks.

By using some wifi password hacker apps in your smartphones, you can easily hack any wifi password in few seconds and break wifi password security. But currently you can hack only wps passwords in your android. And you can’t hack any wpa2 passwords with lower android apps. Follow the below guides..

Best Ways To Hack Wifi :

Here are some best working wifi password hacking tricks, which is used by worldwide hackers for hack wifi password and gain wifi access for using internet for free.

Hack Wifi With Rooted Android :

You can hack any wifi password in your android mobile by rooting android and using some wifi hacker app – Hack wifi password with rooted android. This wifi hacking apps works fine in rooted android for break wifi security. Many users know what is android rootin, android root is the process that allowing users to access the complete device access. There are many methods available to root android without pc .

How to Hack TP link Wifi Router Password :

There are many vulnerability available in tp link wifi for break the security and access wifi for free. Mainly Tp link wifi used in most companies, and having many bugs in their security for hack wifi password.

How To Hack Wifi In Iphone :

By using hacker wifi password apps for iphone, You can hack wifi passwords on your aple iphone for easily. Through the iphone wifi hacking apps you will get jail breaking tutorials, cydia apps, iphone wifi hacking apps and much more stuff in one place. Just download any iphone wifi hacker app and use it for hack wifi password in iphone.

Binatone Wifi Hacking Tricks :

Mostly this vulnerability founded on binatone wifi. Basically this article tells you about on how to hack binatone wifi password. It is generally a security bug founded in the binatone company wifi routers. You just have to follow the steps to hack binatone wifi. It automatically connects to the wifi and this is 100% sured and tested trick.

So guys above the method clear your doubts about wifi hacking tricks for get any wifi password easily without any hacking talents.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How To Hack A Facebook Account

Disclaimer: I am writing this post not for you to use it for illegal acts but to create the awareness.
Many people indulge into this act by guessing your Facebook password or searching your device to see if your password was saved on your device. But today, I will teach you how to do this in a professional way. Just continue reading to find out how.
There are two methods to do this and they are (i) Verification method (ii) Mutual friend method.

Verification method
In this method, you ought to follow some certain steps I'll be sharing below.

First you have to obtain the email address of your target: To do this, locate the account you want to hack on Facebook and find the email linked to it.

Open the Facebook login page: If you're logged in already, log out.
Click on "forgotten your password?" Button: This is where your journey begins

Enter your targets Facebook login email address: After which you click on search
Click on "No longer have access to these.

 Enter email address: While doing this, enter your email address which is not linked to any Facebook account.

Answer security question: This is just it. But if you cannot answer that security question, the move over to the second method.
Mutual friend method
In this method, you have to follow from step 1-7 of Verification method then follow the steps below.

Click "Recover account with help from your friends": You only have to click this button if you weren't able to answer the security question.

Choose mutual friends : Now you have to choose 3 mutual friends that you trust. Once you've done that, Facebook will send the 3 of them a recovery password.

Resetting password: After entering the codes you received from your mutual friends, you'll have to reset the password and your HACKING is done!

Note: Do not use this for criminal acts as Facebook might not just ban you, but you get yourself into the hands of the authorities.
These are just trusted ways of hacking a Facebook account. If you've got questions or got contributions to make, or better still, know other ways to hack a Facebook account, you are free to use the comment box to notify me.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Know if your machine is affected with virus,Trojans,etc. & Tips to protect your PC

The main reason that today a common man's PC is full of viruses and different kind of malfunctions is that the people ( YOU ) aren't aware whether you are infected or not. As every virus is programmed differently , it becomes very difficult to identify it.
Well however , I've come up with some symptoms of computing infection. They are :
1. Slow computer : Most of the virus are programmed for this purpose . Such virus increases your computer usage to around 100 % . When you check the task manager , it will show the computer usage to 100 % constant . So this is a point where you'll have to contact your computer man
2. Computer won't boot : If your computer has suddenly stopped booting, it is possible that some malware has modified your computer's system files. In such a situation, re-installing or repairing your operating system might be the only solution.

3. Unusual Network Traffic: If even after closing your browser and other applications that may use the internet, you see that your computer is still downloading or uploading anything, then your computer is possibly infected with some form of spyware that is either downloading other viruses to your computer or is uploading your private information to a remote computer. In case you use a WiFi connection , it is also possible that your neighbors are using your network.

4. Programs start automatically : Some viruses and adware automatically start strange programs on your computer in order to show unwanted advertisements or simply to frustrate users.

5 . Security Software Disabled: Most malware disable antiviruses and firewalls to prevent themselves from being detected. If only a single software stops working, it might be a specific software failure issue. If it is a general trend and almost every security software  is facing this issue, a virus infection is most likely.
 1 . Strengthen Your Password by Using Different Characters
Your password is a key that can unlock all passages for strangers to get access to your precious data; therefore, it is of paramount importance that you choose a password that is both complex and unpredictable. These days, experts advise users to pick passwords that contain alphabets, numbers and other characters. Also, the password should also be long enough. Passwords shorter than eight characters are considered unsafe.
2 . Prefer Wi-Fi over Broadband Internet
Over the years, experts have concluded that wireless internet much more convenient and reliable as compared to broadband internet connection in terms of data security. Before you pick an ISP for wireless connection, make sure that adequate firewalls and data security features are enabled.
3 . Use Encryption to Protect Your Data
Most people tend to underestimate the advantages of getting your data encrypted. Encryption involves a secret code that is used to switch your data into another format. There are various software programs that can be used to encrypt your data for extra protection. One of my favorite data encryption tool is TrueCrypt .
4 . Use Anti-Virus Programs
No one can deny the fact that despite all precautionary measures, the possibility of virus and bugs entering your system cannot be ruled out. Therefore, the use of anti-virus programs, both free and paid, becomes very crucial. There are many top anti-virus programs that are downloadable from the web for free.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

How to successfully root your Tecno Camon C9 in easy steps

Rooting is a process of gaining privileged control (known as root access) over various Android subsystems. Android rooting opens up a world of possibility, but it can also void your warranty, or even leave you with a bricked device. So today, we’re going to be taking about how to root this phone “Tecno Camon  C9”. One of the latest device from Tecno mobile, unveiled some couples of months ago, and was tagged the selfie king. The phone has been proving stubborn to root probably because it’s running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. But all thanks to Hovatek Teamfor making this possible.

Requirements for the rooting process

▪Your patience in following the steps involved

▪ Download CWM recovery image Ported by team hovatek

▪ Super

▪Fastboot and adb

▪ Unlocking the boot-loader of Tecno Camon C9 follow the steps here

Steps for Rooting Tecno Camon C9

1. Copy the downloaded Super SU to both internal storage of your phone and SD card.

2. Now extract and copy the CWM recovery.imginto the same folder as the fastboot.exe andadb.exe

3. You must have unlocked the bootloader of your Camon C9 or  follow this steps to do so.

4. Connect the phone to your PC via USB cable while switched ON and boot it into Fastboot (as instructed in the Bootloader unlock guide step 3 above)

5. The moment your device enters fast boot, flash the recovery.img to the phone by typing this command below

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

on your PC then pressing Enter.

6. Reboot the phone by typing the command below

fastboot reboot

then pressing Enter
7. Boot the phone into recovery mode by switching off and pressing Volume up button Power button all together

8. Once you enter recovery mode, use the volume button to move up and down

9. Scroll down to Install zip and select it

10. Select Choose zip from /storage/sdcard1

11. Navigate to the location of and select it

12. Select Yes – Install SuperSU to confirm flashing
Wait till the flashing is complete.

13. Return to the home screen (using the back option) then select Reboot
Note: If CWM offers to fix some errors, select No. Once you are done, confirm if your device has been successfully rooted by installing root checker.

That all on how to root Tecno Camon C9. After doing the above steps, and you still can’t root your Tecno Camon C9, comment below and we’ll help you to get it done.

How To Sucesfully Root TECNO W3

Tecno W3 is hard to root since it keeps running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow which is one of the most recent Android OS that is created with better security however simply like different gadgets that runs Android 6.0, there is still an approach to root them. All on account of hovatek for continually porting the TWRP for such persistent smartphone.

Tecno W3 is one of the financial plan cell phone discharged by Tecno versatile a year ago and shockingly it comes preloaded with Android 6. Such a variety of individuals are presently utilizing this telephone yet a certain something is continually irritating them - how to establish their tecno W3 all together to appreciate every one of the advantages that accompanies an established smartphone. 

Tecno W3 is controlled by Mediatek Quad-center 1.3 GHz Cortex- A53 processor and accompanies 1GB RAM and 8GB of inner capacity. It highlights 5 inches IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with 480 x 854 pixels. Regarding camera, it has 5 uber pixels raise camera with LED glimmer and 2MP front camera. You can see the full determinations and cost here Having said that, i will demonstrate you well ordered strategies on how to root your Tecno W3 without squandering much time.

Material Needed 
==> Download and install VCOM drivers on your PC using this steps
==> Download SuperSU for Tecno W3
==> Download TWRP for Tecno W3
==> Download Sp flash tool

How To Root Tecno W3
==> Copy to both the phone’s SD card and internal storage

==> Download TWRP for Tecno W3 ported by Team Hovatek

==> Now switch off the phone (still with battery inside)

==> Next flash the TWRP recovery.img to the phone using this SP Flash tool

==> Boot the phone into recovery mode using Volume up button Power button

==> If you get a prompt asking you to swipe to allow TWRP modify the system partition then go ahead and swipe. To swipe, place your finger on the green circle then slide it to the right

==> in TWRP recovery, tap Install

==> Navigate to the location of the and select it Swipe to confirm flashing of and wait till flashing is complete

==> Reboot the phone normally 

Now after doing above, your tecno w3 should be successfully rooted. To check or verify your root access, download and install root checker from Google palystore.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Secure Wifi From Hackers The Best Tips

Secure hackers wirelessly - now a day many Internet users using wireless for the internet connection at home. But this wifi can be easily hacked by all. For many Android users know how to hack the wifi password using Android. You can hack the wifi password with its Android roots. And the password hacking pirate without rooting Android. Many Internet users lose their money for the bill After wifi security wifi mistakes. Even a mistake can root the hackers to access your free WiFi. So here I share tips to ensure wifi password hacker. And the solution to how to ensure wifi attackers of the router.

Here I will share some tips to keep your wifi pirate password Follow the steps below and secure your wifi pirate password.

Secure Wifi from Hackers top tips

1. Install a firewall A firewall protects your PC by preventing unauthorized users from accessing your computer via the Internet or a network. It acts as a barrier that checks all information from the Internet or a network, and then blocks the information or allows it to pass through your computer.

2. Change The Administrative Password On Their Wireless Routers: Each manufacturer sends its wireless routers with a default password for easy initial access. These passwords are easy to find in supplier support sites and therefore should change.

3. Change The Default SSID Name And Disable SSID Broadcasting: This will require wireless client computers to manually enter the name of your Service Set Identifier (SSID) before you connect to your network, Casual user whose laptop is configured to connect to an available SSID broadcast that you find. You must also change the SSID name to the default values, as they are also well known as the default passwords

4. Disable DHCP for a SOHO Network with only a few teams consider disabling Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) on your router and assigning IP addresses to your client computers manually. In the latest wireless routers, you can even restrict access to the router to specific MAC addresses.

5. Replace WEP WPA. WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) is a security protocol designed to provide a wireless network with a high level of security. Using the WPS protocol anyone can easily hack your wifi by various methods. For hack security wps many applications available in the game store for Android users. So, any Android user can hack the wifi password in 5 minutes.

WPA Security Is The Best Way To Ensure That Your Wireless Network

WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) is a powerful and interoperable security technology for wireless networks. It provides strong data protection by using the 128-bit encryption key and dynamic key to ensure the confidentiality and security of a network of wireless computer session. Many cryptographers are convinced that WPA addresses all known WEP attacks. It also adds strong user authentication, which was absent in WEP.

6. Hide The Wireless Network:

Do not transmit the wireless network SSID. This will help you protect your wireless being invisible to those who do not know the passive behavior of war

7. Use A Secure Password:

You can use password protection on your wireless network to protect your wireless network. Although this is not the final measure of safety. But it will help you a lot against script kiddies who do not know how to get into WEP protection.

8. Choose The Best Key:

Hackers Try to Hijack Wifi Using Wordlist So you need to select a password that can not be on the word list. And that - 785 ## @! 1234 $$ * ABCD This type of password can not be Wordlist, in order to better use these passwords.

Above all tips will help you protect the wireless hackers. If you have any questions regarding the wifi safety tips only comments below. Answer to all questions soon.

Friday, November 11, 2016

5 tips You Should  Do to Stay Safe From Wi-Fi Hackers.

1) HTTPS encrypted sites prefer: Say you are grabbing lunch at its favorite cafe, waiting for your order to arrive. You take your tablet and start browsing some new wifi coffee sites to catch up with the latest titles. Without knowing it, this guy in the corner is snooping on your traffic and can see everything you see. If you browse sites are not encrypted in https, the guy in the corner, you will find everything you see. And most sites are not yet - among the 100 most popular sites, only 25 encryption used by default. HTTPS encryption sites are private and can be kept confidential. So, when Wi-Fi adhere to HTTPS sites.

2) Beware of the hotspot: Be wary of strange and unfamiliar WiFi connections that appear on your phone list. With a small investment of hardware, a hacker or an attacker, you can set your own WiFi hotspot that seems legitimate. If you use it, you can not only see what you see, you can also jump and change what you see. So you think you're connecting to Gmail, but you're currently accessing your counterfeit Gmail page - and it now has your credentials. This is known as an attack, man-in-the-middle and you can see some funny examples of what you are doing in this video where three politicians were hacked. This type of attack is more complex, but can still be recovered fairly quickly in online tutorials.

3) Use VPN: Virtual Private Network VPN stands for. Creates a secure connection to your public WiFi connection is protected from tapping. Even with sniffing tools, all they can see is encrypted gibberish.

4) Turn off your WiFi when not in use: With WiFi enabled on your phone, tablet, or laptop, the phone terminal is open even if you are not connected to an access point. Although the risk factor is not huge in this case, but any hacker can try to access your phone through fake router. Also keeping your WiFi when you do use it saves the battery from your phone.

5) Say no to stupid and repeat passwords: Having a password for multiple accounts is the stupidest thing you can do to put your phone security. If a hacker manages to get that particular password, you know very well the impact of it. He / she can access several of his / her accounts. Always choose strong, unique passwords.