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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

swift payers Registeration | how to join, login – swift payers Registeration how to join, login, Swiftpayers is live on the internet with different packages and signup bonuses. You can start immediately and get registered via
How Swiftpayers works
Swiftpayers is ready to do there parts in emancipating fellow Nigerians from poverty, lack & want to establish a peer-to-peer funding system whose main goal is to help each candidate raise more income weekly, thus reducing the financial burden. With this mentality in the heart coupled with a high level of focus, we are determined to ensure that each participant is satisfied.
click here to Join
It is our desire to see everyone offer assistance to each other as people, friends of the community and by extension all of humanity. Help today, tomorrow you can get help from someone else. Another theory, this is a big target guiding Swiftpayers. Swiftpayers Peer-to-Peer funding system is a common account where people can save money for the future when it may be required. We need to stop the slave mentality today. Let your financial help to people who actually need it. poor and disabled, pensioners, single mother with several children, unemployed, underemployed, undergraduates etc. Love your neighbor. Its the least you can do for
humanity .

All You Need To Know about
* Get 100% of your donations at least 15days.
* 10% Bonus
* 10% repeat bonus (Claimable after 10 circles)
* Lack repeated after completing a circle 24hours will be deleted from the system.
* Pairing was automated on a first come first served basics
* Failure to pay within 24hours hours Exporting break POP account will be blocked forever
How to enter
* Sign Up / Register to join a community.
* System automatically and immediately pairs a generation
* To the gift and get confirmed
* A system Games 2 members to donate to you (in 1hour to 15days)
* Make sure, and repeat (Get 10% when u repeat)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

List Of All Ponzi Schemes Sites In Nigeria – 2017

Since the break of Mmm Nigeria, some Ponzi scheme surfaced more than what you can imagine. Many young people of today are still in the
Ponzi scheme alive lol. Some refer Ponzi scheme a way to get more money.
Let me tell you the truth, most of these ponzi schemes are owned by your fellow Nigeria. Their aim is to pay early investors and disappeared into thin air after getting many people who provided assistance. There is no time to tell you how they work and fraud in Ponzi sites.

Ponzi scheme is. People who return from ponzi sites early investors. Then, when there is too much traffic on the site, that’s when you see “Site available”. Some even buy a hosting plan just to hit and run with your hard earned money. I love to explain how they got to scam you on ponzi site , but I do not have the time to explain this is not the main purpose of this post. Back to the topic of this post.
Incase you don’t know the meaning of Ponzi Scheme;
First definition: It’s a form of fraud in which belief in the success of a non-existent enterprise is fostered by the payment of quick returns to the first investors from money invested by later investors.
Second Definition: It’s a fraudulent investment operation where the operator, an individual or organization, pays returns to its investors from new capital paid to the operators by new investors, rather than from profit earned through legitimate sources.
The first definition was paraphrased to my taste. Though, both definitions are very correct but the first definition explained it better.
The word Ponzi was originated and named after Charles Ponzi. He died in the year 1949. He was the first man who carried out such a fraud in the year 1919–1920.
Due to the present economic downfall we are experiencing in Nigeria, sharp guys, including ladies are now taking advantage of Ponzi Schemes . With the rate at which Nigerians are going into Ponzi Schemes for quick cash, many fake Ponzi sites has been created to scam you of your hard-earned money.
There are over 150 ponzi schemes in Nigeria as at 2017. No Ponzi scheme is legit, all are the same thing. They satisfy the early investors and run away after getting many provide helps.

134. lCC Nigeria
141. 21st century
142. Naira
144. Gift
145. Mmm cash
146. Mmm united
147. Help providers
149. Twinkas
150. All WhatsApp pH and gh

These are not all. Many are been created every new day. Stay away from Ponzi schemes or join at your own risk. Ponzi schemes can make you a millionaire and can aswell render you useless and leave you a debtor.

If you know any other ponzi sites that are not listed above, kindly comment them below.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Article Submission Sites With Instant Approval 2017 [High PR]

Article submission sites with instant approval 2017 – Hello guys, Today am back with instant approval article submission sites list 2017. For share your blog post with world wide users and improve your blog quality for free. There are many sites to submit your articles and get more referrer traffic from there. The special benefit of article submission is getting high page rank backlink for free. It will improve your blog ranking and blog traffic in search engines.

Now a days every blogger searching the best guide for for increase traffic to blog for free. There are many blog submissions sites list available in web and other sources. But in this post am sharing best article submission sites for increasing website traffic to your blog by submit your post to below sites. There are no amount requires for submit your blog post for getting huge traffic to your blog.

The below sites are completely free for submit your blog post for get more visitors on your blog. Here am sharing top 50 sites that approves your blog posts instantly without any waiting time. This Sites gives referral traffic to your blog posts and also gives some high pr backlinks, For boost your ranking in search engines and site improves quality of your site.

Article submission sites with instant approval 2017 :

S.NoArticle Submission SitesPage Rank


Just goto any article submission site given in the list and submit your post instantly for free. In this Blog Article submission sites with instant approval, You can choose the perfect traffic referrer source for increase blog traffic. Definitely you will get some increase your website traffic. If you have any more sites to article submission submission. Share with us via comment box. share this post with your friends. Keep visiting for more instant approval article submission sites list.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to become uc news publisher and make money

How to become uc news publisher and make money – Hello Friends, All of you know about uc news app for reading news and articles. But do you know you can make money with uc news app. Yes, now you can become uc news publisher and start making money with uc news ads. For publish news on uc news, you can get paid by submitting news and monetize your news with ads. Here in zybermedia am sharing the articlehow to submit your site to uc news. Now you can earn money by joining uc news and publishing news articles. There are some requirements to get uc news publisher approval. Here in this post, am explain the uc news monetize program.

Uc news app is just like other news applications like news hunt. Just you can share uc football news, uc davis news, uc berkeley news, uc irvine news or your local area news or political news to monetize uc news. You can join uc news and submit news to get followers and visitors. Uc news followers are important to get good earnings in uc news app. Because in the requirements to start monetizing. They requires minimum 7000 visits for your one post on last 7 days. You need to wait 7 days to start making money. Here am explain the requirements and quick money making methods of uc news for monetize your news.

How to become uc news publisher and make money :

  • Goto Uc News Publisher Account Signup Page
  • Now create a new account and compete the registration process.
  • For publisher approval, It takes minimum 2 days.
  • Then you will get confirmation from uc news.
  • Just login to your uc news dashboard and start publish your articles.
  • Click on the New Post button to publish your news.
  • Then your news will be verified by uc news and your news got indexed in uc news app.

After publishing your news on uc news, your followers and views will start increasing. It’s enough to monetize your news articles. But write some healthy contents which will attract your readers for easy approval in ad monetize program and healthy earnings.

How To Enable Ad Monetization On Your News Articles :

  • Choose Reporting Tab On Uc News Homepage.
  • Then Choose The Income Data.
  • Here select Ad Monetization and start making money with uc news.

Note : For Getting approval in uc news, You have registered for at least 7 days. and have successfully published at least one article achieving more than 2000 views.

Terms From Uc News :

  1. Your revenue will be counted from the day you successfully apply for ad monetization.
  2. Last week’s gross income is updated every Wednesday.
  3. Total balance refers to the current amount of money in your account, approved balance means the income that is available in one withdrawal window.
  4. Monthly withdrawal window is from 26th to 28th every month, with a minimum amount of 50USD.
  5. You can only withdraw once every month and cannot adjust the amount. All the approved balance will be withdrawn in each withdrawal.
  6. Once the withdrawal is completed, you will be informed by mail or internal message.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

8 Powerful Tips To Get Quick Sales On Fiverr

Fiverr is a great website where you work and you get per 5 bucks per gig, the site has been helping many skilled people get income easily by just using their skills to help people out. If you are reading this post then you know what fiverr is so if you don’t know about the site then you can pay a visit the site.

There are some powerful and very helpful tips you should not miss out especially when you are trying to make sales on fiverr, normally the what people do when the want to make money from fiverr is to simply go to the site and create an account then start creating gigs for people to order. As easy as it sounds, where there are over 100 thousand sellers and over 2000 people offering your gig what then makes a buyer order your gig instead of others?

That question is what I will be trying to answer with the power tips I will be sharing with you in this post. When you apply such tips to your fiverr account and you will be surprised at the sales you will be able to get. So let get straight to the business of the post.

What are these Fiverr Powerful Tips To Get Fast Sales On Fiverr?

1. What You Offer

What can you bring to the table that buyer want and will like to order is one of the important questions that needs to be answered and also the basic of a successful fiverr income source. If what you offer is not wanted by anyone then you gig won’t get orders from buyer just because they don’t want what you offer. So first know what the buyer want and try to learn them and use them.

2. Be Professional

Before creating a gig it is normally good to know what you are offering very well so that you won’t be surprised when the buyers start throwing question and you and you will end up loosing the gig to someone else. Now been professional does not just end in questions but also in your appearance, normally people don’t take this part important because before I order a gig I look at the seller profile in case the seller looks weird. Try to have this professional look in your profile and also try to create good conversation with your client and sound professional when doing so.

3. Other Gigs

Normally some people that uses fiverr don’t notice that the other gigs in your account also affect your sales, when you have a profile with 20 gig which is the limit of the amount of a fiverr account, so if those 20 gigs in your account does not fit each other it looks like someone just want to make money from all areas which does look attractive, for example you created a gig about designing of pictures and the other gigs look somehow then it does not attractive buyer to order the gig.

4. Gig Title
This is a very important part of getting quick sales, if you miss this part then there is nothing for you, I say that for sure. Having an attractive title is very important. The title just makes the sellers eyes click on your gig, there are many ways to make your gig look attractive. For example this is a title of a normal gig “I will design banner for $5” and this is the attractive gig “I will design An Awesome and Beautiful banner for $5” now tell me which one will you order if you were the buyer? I know which one you will pick.

5. Gig Descriptions
The Gig description is very important and it not something you just play with because this is what helps the buyer understand what you are selling or offering. Normally I can just say I have a format for writing a good description but you can also do what I normally do to write a very good and attractive description. To write a good description go to the top sellers of what you are offering and look for what different between your own and the top sellers own.
Note: am not telling you to copy word for word, please don’t do that.

6. Upload A Video
Fiverr officially made it necessary to upload a video of yourself telling your client about what you offer, this is totally necessary if you want to get more sales as fiverr normal select Gig for the featured categories and for your gig to be selected you must have a video of each of your gigs, something to note is that the video must be different from other and it is good if you are in the video.

7. Gig Picture
Fiverr users are fun of this which is copying another seller’s gig pix and using it thereby creating this kind of cloud of similarity which is not good especially for new seller because it will be well seen that you copied the picture from someone else. Been unique is the key and without this it will be hard to get quality sales.

8. Always Give Bonus

Which human being those not like free things? Not me, what normally rocks now is giving out bonus to buyers and also get more orders in return, you can place this in your description alongside with your condition of getting the bonus as this will attract the buyer to your gig and you will get more sales because of this. It has worked for me and am sure it will work for you.

These tips that have mentioned above are really very powerful and if you miss or don’t do some of these above tips, then am sorry because you might wait for 4 months without getting an order, so I urge you to try them out and see why I call them powerful tips. So enjoy fiverr and make money. Your comment and contribution are also welcomed please use the comment box.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

How To Get Jumia Affiliate ID and Api Key (Account IDs)

Jumia Affiliate is an online program by Jumia to help publishers make money by promoting their own products and when promoting is sucessful, publishers get paid with commissions. Last week i wrote an article on how to join jumia Affiliate Program and best way to promote affiliate products (jumia @ large).

All publishers are meant to have ID. All publishers advertising network have their own id. Google AdSense is an example, it has it own publisher id which is one of the things used to detect clicks on particular live ads.

Though Ad networks doesn't make use of Api Key but jumia affiliate is involved.

How To Get Jumia Affiliate ID and Api Key (Account IDs) 

Step 1 : Log in to your jumia affiliate program

Step 2 : Tap the ID at top of the dashboard, like below snapshot and click Profile

Step 3 : You can now view your Affiliate ID and Api Key (Account IDs) from that page. That's all.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Difference Between Ponzi Scheme And Network Marketing

The truth is both Ponzi and Network Marketing are Pyramid Schemes.
What is a Pyramid Scheme?
A Pyramid Scheme is a business model which involves one person recruiting two or more persons and those persons recruiting more people under the promise of bonuses and commission.

A Ponzi Scheme has a pyramidal structure without any Products or Services while Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing also has a pyramidal structure but with Products or Services.
Similarities between them is that to Sign up or Join the platform, you have to pay a particular sum of money and you also need to recruit people to get to another level.
As a marketer who wants to advertise products/services for a company or bring in more people, I see no reason why I should be the one to pay before working for or with them.
In both Business Model from my observation, Only about 90% are successful and the source of their money is from the newly recruited ones and those who are not able to recruit at all.
The 90% are the ones you see driving exotic cars,Going on Holidays abroad, Building mansions etc.
Most of them don't even buy the products or use them at all.
This is called paying Peter with Paul's money.
MLM disguises under sales of products but I can categorically tell you that when you get into the system you can only survive by recruiting people.
MLM and Ponzi is also full of deceit as they promise you Heaven and Earth under the pretence of wanting to change the story of your life but at the end of the day you would realise you are only wasting your precious time, money and energy.
If any of them tells you, you don't need to recruit, my dear, run for your life.
Most MLM Company's sells health products and in as much as some of this products work, they are way too expensive.
The time you waste on both business models could be channeled into your personal Brand.
I know of other Good Networks sha oh.
Examples are Computer Network, Road Network, Plumbing Network, Electric Network, Network of Friends and Families, Business Network etc.
Stop looking for fast money. Go and learn a skill, offer services, get a job, or go into trading.
Written by Amobi Chibuike Charles , He is the CEO Gizng Technology

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Top Best Ways To Promote Affiliate Products

Recently i wrote an article on how to make or earn cool money with affiliate marketing popularly known as affiliate program. In that same article i also explained the meaning of Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways to make money online in
which you promote other company's products or services so that they can be sold out, and you get a commission. This kind of sales network is also called as referral network.

Top Best Ways To Promote Affiliate Products are :

1. Affiliate Banners

Putting up or implementing affiliate banners is a nice way of promoting the products or services. Most of the Merchants (Affliate Staffs) offer creative banners, you just need to get the ad code and put on your blog or site. You might some find some banners not so attention grabbing, then you may design a good banner of your own, and then put wherever you want on your blog or site; then add the affiliate link to the banner-Understood?

Tip: You should work day & night to build authority in your niche so that when you recommend something, audience take that seriously.

2. Writing Reviews

Writing reviews of a particular affiliate product and services is getting popularity as it works like a charm for most of the affiliate marketers. This works in most cases because when you write a product review, you write everything about the product like an intro, features, pros, cons, and even pricing, Audiences or Blog readers get to know all the details, and if they feel satisfied, they would click the link (you must add product's affiliate Link
somewhere in the review copy) to buy the product.

tool has been reviewed in a great way. There you will find an affiliate link as well which is added there to direct people to the signup page, and if they buy a plan, the commission gets earned.
Mostly good affiliate marketers add the link at the end of the review to use it as CTA (Call To Action).

3. Creating a post with a list of Products

Sometimes you may write a post with a list of products with their short descriptions, and give buy now links there for every product. One more tip to convert more readers is to provide good in-depth details about the products you list. This way the reader will be convinced whether to buy or not. If you are writing smaller list posts, link each product to a review of the product you have covered previously. This will help the readers and ultimately you.

To give you some idea posts can be like:

1. 10 keyword research tools
2. 10 gadgets for your office
3. 8 best micro SD cards for your smart phone.
4. Top 5 laptops under N35,000

Then make the content of those posts contain your affiliate product's link rather Ad Link.

In such kind of posts, try to list products with smaller prices. To be more specific, I would say you should analyze your traffic sources and the audience type at first. Then you should write about products they usually use and need. This way you can convert the visitors more.

4. Send Newsletters mentioning the affiliate products

Many a time, when there are great deals & discounts are being offered by the merchant, you may make use of your
email list by sending them emails which talk about those offers. You should add your affiliate links to the mentioned products in the email. This works well!

Bonus Ways To Promote Affiliate Products are :

1. Sharing To Social Media Platforms :

You can also promote affiliate products on (your) social media platforms. This is the best way non-bloggers can promote affiliate products making use of their social media platforms.

To do this, you have to get the affiliate banner ad link, then download the preview of the affiliate banner ad. Now just go to your social media (anyone) then upload the image and put the Ad Link below(Facebook & twitter aspect).

For whatsapp, just share the banner ad preview image, then add the ad link as caption below the image. You can also write some details about the product on the affiliate banner or link.

2. Advertising Your Affiliate Products : 
Another bonus way to promote affiliate products is by advertising the product Online or Face to Face. In the sense that, you tell people to info or alert or meet you if they want to buy products online.

You can do this my saying "Mr/Mrs Sososo, Please if you want to buy products at cheaper price online, info me. You can tell them about Home Appliances & Gadgets(Understood).

No doubt, Affiliate marketing is one of the finest and the most lucrative ideas to make money online, but you must opt for the right approach. One important thing I would like to recommend you that don't promote affiliate products in every post you publish on the blog rather do it on regular intervals. Suppose if you publish 5 posts within 10 days then you should promote affiliate products
in one of those articles or after those 5. Means write a post to promote affiliate products after every 5 general posts. [Not necessarily, you can publish such posts whenever you want.] I am sure; this blog post helped you know some of the important steps to take to make money with affiliate marketing.

Share your ideas via comments.

How To Start Make Cool Money With Affiliate Marketing? 2017

Affiliate Marketing is one of the approaches to profit online in which you advance other organization's items or administrations with the goal that they can be sold out, and you get a commission. This kind of offers system is additionally called as referral system. I have been profiting with partner showcasing for a considerable length of time utilizing my distinctive activities, and according to my experience I cansay that it is one of the best adaptation ways bloggers must not miss. I have taken in a great deal of things working for a considerable length of time with this great advertising method.

There are numerous blogger companions of mine who ask me which offshoot program they ought to join to profit, Let me let you know that it's not the associate program that profits consequently but rather your aptitudes do. Those projects are quite recently the stages; you need to utilize your promoting and duplicate written work abilities to offer items on your blog. 

Below are few sure fire ways to make money with affiliate marketing : 

1. Generate Traffic and Engagement on your Blog : 

When you like to be an affiliate of some brand, you need to apply for that with your blog. They mainly review your blog's stats content, and popularity to decide either to approve or disapprove. Thus, the very first step you need to take is to generate traffic and engagement on your blog. Organic traffic has been the winner for me because most of the purchases happen with this traffic source only. So, you have to generate huge organic traffic from your targeted keywords.

Engagement is the second thing you should work on because when you work on this part, you actually make friends with bloggers and readers who read and comment on your blog most frequently. There are many sure shot ways to build engagement like : 

1. Build email list, so send regular mailers to subscribers.
2. Run contests once in a while.
3. Use short surveys to ask readers about their feedback on blog content quality.
4. Have your picture on the blog – this helps in association of visitors with the man behind the show.
5. External high quality relevant links where ever applicable does a great job in building relevance for the reader and
leads to engagement.
6. Embed videos at suitable spots – This can be about the product details or demonstration or may be un-boxing if it's about a device. 

As the relationship grows, trust stats building up too. So when you recommend something to buy they are likely to buy or further share your recommendation. It really works! Though Organic traffic is the most important source, you must work on other traffic sources as well. Never put all of your eggs in one basket! Spreading your income sources is
required to be on the safer side.

One most important thing is, work hard to get targeted visitors because targeted visitors are most likely to buy products. Non-targeted users mostly come and bounce back thus no monetary benefits you get. 

2. Apply for different Affiliate Programs

Though the number of sales you make is not program specific, I would still like to list out the best affiliate programs. Number of sales mostly depends on the number of targeted traffic, your compelling content, and your authority in your niche.

You should join Commission Junction, Shareasale, Amazon and Clickbank to start with, there are many more but it makes lot of sense to work with few and get the most out of them. Make sure to build a good blog, and generate some good amount of traffic before applying to any affiliate program. 

 3. Choosing the Right Product

Most of the affiliate marketers do mistake by choosing every kind of products to promote. You must choose the right products to promote which are relevant for your blog content. Affiliate marketing success heavily depends on this factor because if you don’t promote the right product to the right audience then don’t expect the sales.

If you want to promote a product, make sure you have a Range of articles related to your product. Suppose I have this blog in technology niche. If I want to convert more sales, I should be focusing on 4-5 articles on related subjects to draw user's attention, rather than one single post with affiliate links.
It's important to show up as a authority in a niche. The reason for above is that a single unrelated product will not pull much organic traffic while a related product can get organic traffic and can be interlinked to get maximum exposure. 

4. Promotion

Now this one is the final and the most crucial part of affiliate marketing. Right kind of promotion can get your more sales. There are many ways you can promote the products to maximize the sales.

The First thing you should keep in the mind is that you have to get the affiliate link of products to link while promoting. You may get these from the affiliate dashboard of the program. 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Join The Jumia Affiliate Program And Start Earning Money In This 2017 How To Start

Affiliate Jumia is a program for bloggers and non-bloggers by publishers promoting jumia promoting products on your site or blog using the banner and individuals can promote the use of advertising links. Jumia then pays you every time a product is purchased by your link or banner. 13% of what is bought by your ad is what jumia will offer. For example, if someone or yourself N100,000 buy a product by its advertising promotion, jumia will provide 18% of 100k which is N18,000. It is not that great. Why do not you join Affiliate jumia Today?

Step 1 : Go to, click "Become An Affiliate"  or click the drop down tap and click "Register"

Step 2 : In the sign up page, fill in your details. Account type, choose individual or company according to your details. Fill other details also and at the end input your website or blog URL.

Step 3 : Click "Start Earning"

Step 4 : Now confirm your email and log in to your jumia affiliate dashboard.

Start making money and Enjoy!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

These Are The Best 5 Alternatives To Google Adsense in 2017

AdSense is an online platform or top advertising network established by Google to enable bloggers or site owners or it publishers earn free money by displaying advertisers ads on their website. Before a blogger can start earning with Google AdSense, the site must adhere to Google AdSense program policy.

Nowadays, people are quitting blogging because of they don't have adSense and been disapproved many times and don't know that there are many ways someone could earn from blogging without AdSense. AdSense now is very strict in accepting publishers to their program due to their policy.

AdSense disapproval is not the downfall of a man. Therefore there are many other Adnetworks which you can use to make money from your site without Google AdSense. Some even think maybe their site is banned from adSense.

I don’t want to believe that you still have problem getting an approve adsense account. But if at all you do, I’ll provide best alternative to adsense. You can also get AdSense approved for your blog.

I know that Google Adsense is the dream of every bloggers but if you fail to get approval or get rejected because of some reason, don’t get frustrated because this article will help you to see all Google Adsense alternatives to earn money online.

Fix AdSense Problem Saying : This Url is not available to sign up for AdSense 

These Are Best 5 Alternative to Google Adsense in 2017

1. is the best alternative to AdSense alternative in terms of ad types. is contextual ad network by Yahoo! and bing and it offers high-paying ads. Moreover, ad
types are similar to AdSense and if you have a quality blog, you are more likely to get approval in no time. It pays like Google AdSense in real time.

2. BuySellAds

Buysellads is one of the alternatives to Google Adsense. As soon as you submit your blog to BuySellAds, it will automatically fetch up your blog stats which includes PR, Alexa rank , Technorati,, Yahoo inbound links etc. For getting an approval for BuySellAds , your site should have a
decent Traffic. As soon as your site gets an approval, you can set up an area on your blog for buy and sell Ads and
then wait for advertisers to bid.

3. Infolinks

Infolinks  is simply based on in-text advertising now offers various other advertisement option for bloggers. You can earn money from info links using different ad types such as in tag which works like Google text link ads or in-frame ads which will help you to make money from your blog unused area. It
doesn’t offer contextual ad like Google AdSense, but as an alternative to AdSense; info links is highly recommended. You can combine  it with other ad network to increase your blog revenue. Sign up for infolinkads

4. Chitika

Chitika is a CPC product oriented program. You’ll like Chitika for two reasons. Firstly, it always places relevant ads based on the content, which helps you to get more click. Secondly, you can edit text color, URL color, border color to blend with
your blog format. You can also choose for their referral program, to earn extra income. Sign up for Chitika here

5. Superlinks

Superlinks is one advertisement program which can never let you miss AdSense. They offer different ad types
such as display ads, Tower ads, Footer ads to name a few. Their minimum payout is $100 and via PayPal, Payoneer or Wire transfer. Your blog needs to have minimum traffic of 100,000/month to apply for Superlinks. If your blog have a high bounce rate due to exit links, their super exit links will help
you to earn great deal of money here. Superlinks also accept publishers who are banned from AdSense.

Bonus Ad Networks 
3. Adquet and many more

There are lots of Ad Networks that Pays blogger but we can't apply for all. Even if e apply for all, we can't display their ads on our sites  You can also make money in Nigeria as a blogget using the top 5 Nigeria Ad Networks.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Top 10 Best Website To Start Your Online Importation Business & Make Cool Money by marketer expert

If you are thinking of starting online importation business here in Nigeria , there are many things you have to think about and make decision on but no matter what decision you make, you still need a trusted or some trusted website ( s ) to do your online importation business. Highlighted here is a list of the top ten websites to do your online importation business.

Amazon – Amazon is the best online shopping website I will ever recommend, they have the best quality and the best products with reduced price ranging from refurbished and used to new Electronics , Apparel , Computers etc. . Amazon features numerous services including one - click buying , extensive customer and editorial product reviews , gift registries, gift certificates , wish lists and photo processing .
New Egg – You can buy many things at New Egg but they put more attention on the Technology part of life unlike other websites in this list e . g Laptops , Computer parts , Accessories and so on .
AliExpress – Aliexpress is also a good place to buy cheap Electronics , Appliances, Fashion Stuffs etc. But note that Aliexpress is located in China thereby most (not all) of their products are Chinese products . Aliexpress currently offer more than 11 million unique consumer products across more than 4 , 000 categories , ranging from apparel and accessories to consumer electronics to jewelry and more.
EverBuying – This is another stop spot to shop for Mobile Phones , Cheap Laptops & Tablets but the site is mainly filled up with Chinese products just like Aliexpress.
DHGate – DHGate is a Chinese Wholesale Marketplace for Small and Medium Buyers interested in purchasing Directly from China Manufacturers with Extensive catalog, free drop shipping , wholesale discount , express door-to - door shipping , escrow service .
CellularCountry – This website only sell Used , Refurbished and New Phones . You can even get a neatly used BlackBerry as low as NGN 5000 on Cellular Country , just check the sites for more details .
Do you know some other website(s ) where online shopping / importation is not expensive? Kindly share those you know and also Feel free to ask any question , contribute your suggestion or opinion related to online importation.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Proven Ways To Drive traffic to Your Blog Without SEO

There is no doubt that search engines serve as a way to drive massive traffic to our blogs. But getting a top list on search engines can be difficult lending especially for novice bloggers. SEO means Search
Engine Optimization and there are techniques used by bloggers of higher rank in the search engine. As a new blogger of high rank in the search engine could be difficult because the blogger of the age have higher domain Authority and back links.

Traffic is one of the best factors that a good blogger to be successful. You can not be blogging and do not have anyone reading your article, it is like preparing for an exam that will not be marked or write a book

It will not be marked. You might end up dropping blogging or losing passion for blogging. Imagine If no Google or bing or yahoo, then maybe wondering how they could increase traffic to your blog. Y

Article, I will explain how you can get your blog traffic without SEO.

1. Commenting in Blog

Blog comments can be very useful for the blogger because it can help build backlinks for your blog. Frequently comments on high authority blogs in your niche helps the blog owner to identify and there you can get to start a conversation with him. Blog posts should not be spammy as the publication of freuqent their links in the blog comment is inappropriate. Post links in the blog comments on the blog to post on their revealing blog when a visitor asks questions about these issues. Th visitors or other frequent visitors would click on the link if they find it useful. By doing so, you have the ability to provide assistance to the visitor and generate traffic to your blog too. If the visitor that your blog, then he / she often start visiting.

It is advisable to use your name by commenting on these blogs instead of your blog URL, which will give managers or print blog owners who are not leaving comments to promote your blog.

2. Publication of Guests

Guest has served as a good way for new bloggers to get your site identified the best blogs in your niche. A client post must be high quality content that visitors like to read. Before you get started on the client post should notice your niche sites that accept guest posting. You can also get the sites you want to publish a google search engine guest message. For example, you can write your (niche type) and (client node string). Common channels include guest post post, contributed to, write us, they suggest a post, customer post written by. Once you get the sites you want to publish your client post, you can contact an admins site using the contact page. The message you send to the site administrator takes questions into account. Do not mistake, compliments your blog saying you like the way you write and tell it you would live to post a client post on your blog. Follow your answers and send a rich high edition. If the administrator likes the post, you can build a good relationship with the manager so have a better chance of sending more guest posts.

3. Social media

Social media has proven to get as much traffic as search engines. Social media can be regarded as new age SEO because you can get thousands of traffic from them depending on how interactive you are with your audience. Signing up for top social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube and even Whatsapp. You might be actually be wondering how Whatsapp messenger can actually drive traffic to your blog. I have a tech blog which I shared Android tips, browsing, flashing roms and phone specs. I created a page where interested visitors could join my Whatsapp group and I was able to create three
groups. I became interactive with the groups solving problems for the users and referring them to my blog url If the problem was in my blog. Also, I updated them regularly with new updates from my blog and to my surprise, my traffic jumped from 10k to 15k. This was my Whatsapp strategy, you also get traffic from Facebook groups, Twitter and Google plus.
There are plugins like Jetpack, Coschedule, HYPEsocial Buffer,Revive old Post etc that helps autopost your post to social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, linked in etc. This shows on your audience timeline when they login and they click on topics that they like therefore bringing back traffic to your blog. You should also learn to interactive with your audience on Social medias by replying to their queries or commenting when questions are asked. Try and avoid spamming by not posting the same article constantly, that might annoy your audience so try as much as possible to keep them updated with new and fresh contents. You can also gain traffic from youtube from your Youtube videos. Creating a channel in Youtube is easy, all you need to do is to sign in your gmail account, confirm your name and start posting. For example in my android tech niche, I created Youtube videos of solving certain problems in your Android device and after the video you can tell your viewers to visit your blog on how to get the written tutorial or files needed to solve the android problem. By so doing, I was able to drive traffic from Youtube to my blog.

4. Giveaways and Promos

Giveaways and promos are the best ways to drive traffic to your blog. They help to draw your visitors back to your blog and stay longer. Giveaways involves engaging your users in your website to gain free
products or services. I have been blogging for over two years now on my tech blog I engaged in a free new year giveaway promo promising winners free recharge cards of over $10. All they had to do was to follow me on my twitter handle, like my Facebook
page, be constantly commenting my blog and sharing them to Facebook and Twitter. I shared the giveaway promo to my whatsapp group, facebook and on twitter and before two days, I could see increase in comments and my followers. I eventually selected five winners at the end of the month and gave that $10(#2000) recharge cards each of their choice. I was able to accomplish two things. First and increase in traffic that month than the previous two months and secondly, an increase in my fbk fans and twitter followers.
Promos are related to giveaways. If you sell products like Phones or ebooks, you can decide to slash the price to half giving this to some certain users that perform certain tasks. It could be the for the first users that input their emails will get this promos. By doing this, you are getting your visitors to subscribe to your blog via e-mails and enable the visitors to want to check back for similar promos or offers.

5. Forums

Forums are also good strategies to drive traffic to your blog. They don’t only create awareness of your blog, but also serves as a quality backlink for your blog.  Top forums that have proven to be helpful to
me includes,,, I engage in forums by answering questions giving them links If it’s in my site, posting with a source link from my blog. You should also learn to abide by this forum rules and regulations or you might end up being banned by the moderators. Try to answer comment in a best possible way and prevent unnecessary posting of your links in the comments because that might arise to spamming. Also post quality
content and avoid read more at your website url, instead after posting, add Source: yourwebsite url. That will help create backlink and make users that love the post want to read more from your blog
there by driving traffic to your blog.

6. Interviews
Interviews from well-known people in the society or in your niche is a good way to drive traffic in your blog. For instance, If you have a music blog, you can interview a popular musician or upcoming artiste.
You can post the interview in your blog but in written format and video format. Your readers would love to view the post because the person is well-known or successful. You can the urge them to share to
friends on social medias thereby driving in more traffic to your blog. The person also interviewed can be of help to you by sharing the post on his/her social media handles. You might be surprised the traffic
the post would generate.

7. Email updates

Most online users have an email whether gmail or yahoomail or hotmail. Keeping them update with the latest trends from your blog is a good way to drive traffic to your blog. The problem is getting the mails of your visitors. There are strategies you can use to engage your users in subscribing to your blog post. The best two strategies are giveaways and pushup subscriptions. These two strategies have helped
me in updating my users via mail. As earlier discussed in giveaways, you can tell your viewers to input their email to be eligible for the promo or offers. This will prompt visitors to be input their email and
subscribe to your post updates via mail. Another way is pushup subscription allows e-mail subscription pop-ups to visitors when viewing your blog. Widgets or plugins from feedburner, mailchimp,
summome, sharethis, support this pop-up notifications. You should set time for the mail pop-ups like one weekly or daily so avoid it from driving your visitors away. You should be strategic and use captivating words that would allow them subscribe to your blog post.
For example for my niche, I can use “Don’t miss the all in one blogging package from Prolifekits”, input your mail now. That would allow users that view the pop-up subscriptions, subscribe to my blog
post via mail.


Search engines has proven to be a good source of traffic but as new bloggers, you should focus more on social medias, promos and giveaways and other strategies mentioned above because one you start getting quality traffic, believe me, Google and other search engines would start ranking you higher.
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6 ideas To Promote Your Blog / Website For Free Without Paying Anything 

If you already have a website and running but lack specific visitors, take a look at 6 free ways to promote your website:

Use video

The videos are extremely powerful is done correctly. Choose a topic on which you feel comfortable talking and making a series of videos. You can put these videos on our blog, but make sure you also upload to YouTube and other video sites. You can also choose to have only a text message on your website and video on video sites.

Be creative. There are several types of videos out there. You can simply display your screen, you can register, whatever you want.

Make your videos are interesting and captivating.


Podcasts are becoming more and more popular every day. They allow you to connect directly to your audience and there are many people who prefer to read a post podcasts or watch a video. Just try.

Using Forums

Start by creating a spreadsheet of all the forums in your niche. Open an account with each and create a signature with a link or two pointing to your site. Then find the discussions where you can give a good view. The more answers, the better. This will not only make you more links pointing to your site (within your business) because it also allows you to become an authority in your niche, as other people in the forums will begin to recognize.


Although not as commonly used today, it is always good to have links pointing to your site. And with article sites, you can have this through the "resource box" at the end of the article.

Commenting On Other Blogs / Website 

There are many blogs that still have their comments open. Simply make a list of the best blogs in your niche, and make sure that you have a link to your website. Then, once a day, through all the blogs that have found and see if you can leave a relevant comment. Be careful not to spam or say something redundant. Your credibility is on the line here.

 Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is quite common nowadays and there are many blogs that accept client posts. Again, you need to make a list of the most relevant blogs that accept guest posts and see their guidelines carefully. So just go and try to be accepted. Make sure that you choose blogs allow you to have at least a link pointing to your site.

Each of these methods works alone; But it is much better to use them to see more results before. Consistency is key and in time you will see sustained growth in new visitors and visitors returning to your website.

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