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Friday, February 17, 2017

How To Get Free MTN 500MB and 1GB On Your Android, Java & iOS Smartphone

Helle viewers, i think our network providers are up to something. They are now using cheap cheap awoof to motivate us. Recently Etisalat released a free data offer of 1GB and today, i think you are going to enjoy free 500MB or 1GB of data from MTN when you dial the code am going to reveal here. But unfortunately, this awoof MB is not available for all MTN subscribers. In fact, to some aubscribers, MTN sent the message via sms straight to the beneficiaries to dial the code to activate it embedding the code in the sms.

If you havent gotten yours (sms) , that doesn't mean you cannot enjoy, afterall you can get a message from mtn saying ;

"Congratulations! You have been gifted FREE 1GB data, valid for 7 days, to surf the internet."

Then to activate it, you just have to dial *449*2# to activate your offer and after dialing the code, you will get a message like this..

"Congratulations! You have successfully activated FREE 1GB valid for 7 days. Please dial *559*4# to check balance." 

 To Get

Free mtn 1GB, dial *449*2#
For mtn 500MB, dial *449*1# 

Lol! I have gottn mine. Therefore, pray your sim is eligible. The free data valid for 7 days and it can be used on Android phones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, java phones, dongles, modern and PC. 

Note : After activating your free data, be notified that your tarrif pla will move from your current one to MTN DealZone which i dont know if you can migrate back to the former. 

This case looks like when MTN wants all customers to move from their current tarrif plan to MTN Pulse by offering free invisible 100MB when you dial the code (not knowing it's a migration code). 

I am not suprised of this. All i know is that they want aubscribers to migrate to new MTN DealZone tarrif plan by offering awoofs. They also did this while trying to make all customers move to 4G LTe by offering free 5GB of data which many of us did. 

Well activate the free mb code to get yours. If it doesnt work for you, you can try later pr wait for your sms to arrive. U

Saturday, January 21, 2017

How To Get MTN 2GB For ₦500 Double Data Bonus for 2017

Today we’ll show you how to get double MTN data for same price of one. You get offers 2GB for N500, 8GB for N2000 among others. So if these your first time of hearing about this, and
there is a mobile phone you haven’t missed much, because now you get double data on any MTN plan each time you subscribe giving subscribers 100% data bonus on each of their plan.

Here’s how the MTN double data offer works
When you subscribe for MTN 1.5GB for #1000, instead of being credited with 1.5GB you get 3GB for the same price. but not everyone is eligible unless you buying one of the latest smartphones with support for MTN double data promo.
So today this gap can be bridged, and the only way round it, is to get a valid working mtn imei numbers and tweak it with your phone…
Now you why the imei’s are so important, i believe you also know how to tweak it ?? since you do, shall we then proceed to the full list of working valid imei numbers to get double MTN data for same price ( MTN 2GB for N500 double data bonus)
Latest mtn imei numbers for double data bonus
For those that still confused about how to tweak imei of mobile phones running Android 6.0 Marshallow , you may follow the guide to tweak android imel , also you can get the mtn double data bonus twice on your phone, as long as the current plan has been exhausted, you can always re subscribe…
Where you able to tweak any of the latest imei number to get MTN 2GB for 500 on double data offer ..

Sad: MTN Blackberry Service Will End By January 27th in Nigeria

MTN has joined GLO by announcing that it will discontinue Blackberry services (BIS) in Nigeria starting from the 27th of January 2017. This includes
Blackberry Internet Services popularly known as BIS. Though Glo has totally discontinued theirs.

In a message sent to subscribers on Thursday, MTN said:

Dear customer, MTN BlackBerry service
will be decommissioned on 27/01/2017.
Please upgrade to a smartphone and
enjoy 100% bonus on any data bundle

MTN said about the issue : ” meaning you won’t be able to subscribe to any blackberry service by that date. However, you can upgrade to a smartphone and purchase any of our data bundles.”

This notification follows Whatsapp’s announcement that it will discontinue services for Blackberries on December 31st, 2016, a deadline which was eventually extended to June 2017.

On a good side of the notification, MTN promises Double Data Bonus once you upgrade to a new smartphone. So i will advise you to throw your kpalasa away and switch or upgrade to a smartphone.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

MTN APN Settings in Nigeria for Android, iPad, iPhone, Nokia and PC

Recently i wrote an article on how to correctly and sucesfully configure airtel apn settings automatically for browsing on all devices. It no longer news that without an apn setting well configured on your device, be it 3G modem, iPhone, iPad or Android device, you will not be able to connect to the internet using the network even if you've subscribed to any data plan. Even though, you won't be able to enjoy free browsing we are delivering on our blog. Therefore, i am going to teach you how to configure MTN APN Settings in Nigeria for Android, iPad, iPhone, Nokia and PC.

The MTN mobile internet settings can be pushed to your mobile phone automatically after which you can get connected to the internet with MTN 3G network if you save it as your default settings.

How To Get MTN Configuration Settings Via SMS

If you are wondering how you can request for Airtel automatic internet configuration settings on your phone, you can try sending “Settings' to 3888 eg to receive your settings via SMS. Typically, once you insert the MTN SIM, the settings are automatically configured.

However, a need to configure manually might occur if your device can't receive MTN automatic settings. This varies from device to device but the parameters remain the same irrespective of your device.

For manual configuration of your device with Airtel settings, use the info below:

MTN Internet Browsing Settings
--> Account Name: MTN NG
--> Username: Please leave blank
--> Password: Please leave blank
--> Access Point Name (APN):

That's all.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Latest MTN Data Plan & Prices 2017 For Android, iOS, PC In Nigeria

Have you ever been seeking out all MTN data anticipates January 2017 ? Are you confounded of the facts set up you have to subscribe additionally, use in your Android telephone, pills, iPhones, iPads, computer? Are you ignorant of the facts expenses, initiation codes and legitimacy period? are looking for no more since you are presently at the appropriate location as every one of the inquiries above and greater are answered here fundamentally for you with the purpose that you'll come to a decision a advanced selection in relation to shabby MTN statistics arranges and programs.

MTN Data Plans 2017

Couple of years returned, prices of information preparations had been too high that it changed into hard for normal regular character to subscribe for any facts package then but brief ahead it to this time, we have some notably modest statistics arranges that fits every magnificence of people: be it understudies, graduates, common laborers,legislators, marketers what is greater, even Ogas within the government sits.

without squandering plenty time, permit me start revealing each one of the facts  plans which are as but filling in as of this modern-day month at the MTN arrange.



This every day data arranges proves to be useful whilst you are doing an crucial component at the net or when you have something to do at the internet but unexpectedly come up quick on statistics. It facilitates you entire your work with no trouble pending the time you subscribe for a extra arrange.

MTN 30MB For ₦100 

This association was only 10MB for N100 yet now you could get 30MB with a similar value that's three instances advanced to what you used to get better some years. The association good sized for handiest in the future (24 hours) and may be applied on any device. To subscribe for it dial *104# or basically via sms via messaging 104 to 131

MTN 100MB For ₦200 

I wager you numerous MTN endorsers are uninformed of this association. in spite of the reality that it valids for simplest 24 hours however it will be useful someday while you genuinely needs to accomplish something extra vital. with just N200, you get as lots as 200MB. To subscribe to plan dial *113# then again via SMS by way of messaging 113 to 131.


For the week by week data anticipate MTN, we don't have numerous alternatives alternately choices with the exception of the famous 750MB for N500 arrange for which is substantial for 7 days from the day you enacted it.

MTN 750MB for ₦500 

Despite the fact that it appears to be some way or another expensive however when you consider past costs for data arranges, my dear you will snatch it with grins. In any case, don't choose yet as i have such a large number of other data arranges on this article which I exhortation you to peruse through some time recently  picking your favored arrangement.

To subscribe for MTN 750MB for N500 data arrange dial *103# You can likewise enact it by means of SMS by messaging 103 to 131


Yes the baba of all data arranges, Monthly arranges are the most subscribed of all as they are practical and offers more volume of information to do simply anything you wish to do on the web. Compassionately tail me along as I present this arranges, their costs and enactment codes to you.

MTN 1.5GB for ₦1,000 

This arrangement began a year ago with 1.3gb for N1000 yet MTN later chosen to expand it (After Glo expanded the volume of their arrangements) and now you and me can appreciate 1.5GB worth of information for only 1000 Naira. To subscribe for it dial *106# Then again by means of SMS by messaging 106 to 131

In the mean time, on the off chance that you fall in the class of individuals that utilization a great deal of data like me, I trust 1.5GB won't be sufficient for an entire one month so you ought to consider different plan with greater data volumes like the 3.5GB for N2000 naira arrange. To subscribe to plan dial *110# On the other hand by means of SMS by messaging 110 to 131

MTN 10GB for ₦5,000 

Still on the matter, individuals like me that debilitates numerous gigabytes of data every month go for this arrangement. This is the reason I said at first that MTN have data gets ready for all intents and purposes all classifications of individuals and web clients.

Especially helpful to web control clients, the 10GB MTN information arrange gives you unparalleled access to the internet for a full month at 5000 Naira. this arrangement is appropriate for bloggers, web advertisers, consultants, and comparative classifications of individuals.

To subscribe to plan dial *116# On the other hand through SMS by messaging 116 to 131 MTN 22GB for 10,000.

Like truly? try not to be frightened, this arrangement is for the most part suited for entrepreneurs, digital bistro administrators and the preferences. It's not for individual utilize. On the other hand are you willing to pay N10k for a month data plan? I lough in swahili. To subscribe to plan dial *117# On the other hand through SMS by messaging 117 to 131.

You can on the other hand subscribe to any of the above information arranges by basically dialing *131# and taking after the prompts on the screen


This kind of data plan is a data plan mostly used by Cyber Cafe Operators, Office men and the rich. A normal person can also buy a 2-Months Data Plan if he or she has the money.

The only bundle under MTN 2-Months data plan is 50GB for 20,000. To subscribe or activate this plan, dial *131*1*4#.


This kind of data plan is a data plan also mostly used by Cyber Cafe Operators, Office men and the rich. A normal person can also subscribe to a 3-Months Data Plan if he or she has the money.

The only bundle under MTN 2-Months data plan is 85GB for 50,000. To subscribe or activate this plan dial *131*1*5#. 


Do you know you can get twofold of the considerable number of data pla above with a similar cost? For example, rather than getting 1.5GB for N1000, you will now get 3GB for the same N1k. Additionally you can get whooping 7GB for only N2000 rather than 3.5GB for same N2k. This has been my method for getting a charge out of twofold information on MTN since a year ago it's as yet working today. Would you like to likewise appreciate it? click how to get MTN Double Data.



To get 500MB with only 25 Naira on MTN is made conceivable by means of the MTN Night Data Plan offer which is accessible for MTN Pulse supporters. At the end of the, prior day you can appreciate this arrangement, you need to relocate to MTN PULSE

Therefore, you can relocate to MTN Pulse by dialing *406# on your MTN  line and you are good to go. Also take note of that the night information will be usaed between the hours of 12:00am and 4:00am and is legitimate for just a single night.

Would I be able to subscribe again that night in the wake of depleting my 500mb? No! when it's spent, that is it for the night. you have to sit tight for the following night.

To subscribe MTN Night plan, you should have no less than 25 Naira adjust on your MTN beat line and content Night to 131. That is. " Night " to 131 (without the quotes).

MTN WOW Weekend Plan 

This bundle is for chosen MTN endorsers. At the end of the day, not accessible for all clients but rather on the off chance that you are qualified, you ought to get a SMS like underneath:

"Exceptional offer! Purchase 3.5GB for N2000 and get 17.5GB FREE data. Dial *131*110# to enact. Dial *131*4# to view information reward. Reward Valid till Sunday 11:59pm." To enact it, simply dial *131*110#

That All For MTN. Stay Updated For Others.

How To Get Free 9000 On Your MTN Sim

Something magnificent seems to be happening this year 2017, among all telcos, MTN is the first to be dishing out whooping 4GB of data to their loyal subscribers but not only that  today i find out that mtn is giving free credit to there user

Follow the steps below to get 9000 naira on mtn
Now you can get free 6000 naira mtn credits (airtime) to
call all networks.

Now just purchase an mtn recharge card of 100naira then
load it on your mtn Sim card.

After you have successfully. Now dial *559*4# you will recieve

Then find another two mtn sim follow the same process to make it 9000naira.
Tested Trusted And 100percent working but it is SIM dependent.
Tested on mtn Ipulse Sim

To join ipulse dial *406#

TO CALL ALL NETWORKS. You can only use it to call mtn to mtn only.

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Double Data Offer 100% - Double Data Via IMEI Tweak MTN

Any tarnishing, you can double the data packet you wanted to buy with the imei below. What I'm saying is that if you buy 1.5GB per 1k you will get 1.5GB extra for free, which is the total of 3GB, if you buy 3.5GB by 2k, get an extra 3.5GB So is total of 7GB, if you buy 10GB for 5k you will get 10GB extra, making the total of 20GB etc. It is known that raw data of 100%.

All you need is to adjust your imei Android with any of the imei discussed below,

Once you have managed to adjust wait to receive a 100% bonus for 6 months, as shown in the screenshot below;

Change the last 3 or 4 digits, if the imei mentioned above does not give a positive answer.

After that, migrate to beta conversation by dialing * 123 * 2 * 6 # or text 131 BT.

Now subscribe to all the MTN data of your choice with * 131 * 1 # and give twice the data you have purchased.

Use * 559 * 2 # or 2-131 to check your balance data.

With this, you should have twice the purchase of valid data for 30 days.

Note that the double data offer will be the duration 6Mois,

Do not forget to leave your testimony, if the method works for you and remember to use the sharing buttons for the benefit of others.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Good News: MTN Night Plan Is Back And You Will Find Blazing - See How To: Enable

Hello Gizng today, I am happy to let you know that the awesome

MTN night plan N500mb for 25 Naira is back and better after two days was not available. A massive attempt for different network providers about the increase in data prices, but failed as Senate suspended the increase in data prices.

I tried to countersign one of my MTN lines last night and hurray !!! It has been activated successfully.

MTN's many users were unhappy with how the friendly data plan was stopped by the telecom giants a few nights ago because the night data is one of the best of all data plans for all Users. 500MB for only

25 Naira only.

You want to live football matches live, participate in a heavy dump or even download classroom assignment. MTN covered it with adequate data packets. There is now a total to pay N2, 500 goodbye MTN day and night data plan 4.5GB.

See below the activation code for night plans data and costs newly entered;

Plan of 1GB Night (21:00 -6: 00) N200 Cost

Plan of 2.5GB night (21 hours-06h00) N500 Cost

Night plan of 5GB (21 hours-06h00 a.m.) of N1000 costs

To subscribe to one of the limited night plans above, simply dial USSD * 198 # on your phone and then select 2 then 8.

Plans Every evening MTN is valid for 30 days from the time of purchase.

MTN N25 for 500MB night plan data

For MTN 500 MB for N25, you must follow the following procedure;

Your MTN sim should be in the MTN heart rate plan. If you are not sure of your package, just dial * 123 # to confirm the rate plan in which it is located. To migrate the MTN pulse rate plan, dial * 406 # on your MTN line.

Make sure you have a minimum of N30 on your phone

 Sms NIGHT  to 131 and you will get a message like this one "Dear customer, successfully signed a free night navigation noon-00-04am." N25 was deducted from your account. "

Roche data on the rest of the day, but note that you can only make this subscription on a SIM card every midnight.

During this time, the activation method and subscription remains the same to activate the MTN night plan, migrate to MTN Pulse component * 406 # Rate

After that, sms to activate NIGHT to 131 for the data of 500mb night plan 25Naira.

At least the students can now continue searching, uploading, browsing and using social media applications with only 25 Naira every night. Help your friends know about this sharing and posting this post and leaving your comment below this post because we wanted to hear from you more.

Monday, November 14, 2016

The Sending Of Free Network Messages On MTN SIM

Please follow these steps:

To send free SMS in mtn lines, requires mtn sim no credit / airtime.

Please dial *460*1# When you dial the code, mtn mtn will present you with more biz plan.

Then you can start sending unlimited SMS lines mtn, if you have sent many messages, and refused to send again kindly dial *460*2# to continue.

If the same problem persists, please dial *460*3# continue to rotate several codes to send unlimited SMS.

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