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Monday, March 6, 2017

Google AdWords Targeting in China

Recently we discovered that Google AdSense has only reach of about 2.2 million users. I believe china has over 2 billion population which is about 10% reach through Google's adwords.

Reasons are because China has it's own search engine called Baidu and most people use it. In China, people don't Google, they Baidu. They have something like 75% of the search market. So if you want to reach Chinese people, use Baidu.

1. China has it`s own search engine which they can control as they please
2. Google withdrew from China because of the country`s policy

There's also the fact that most of them don't speak English. Although according to source, about 200 million now speak it. But still, they are more likely to search on Baidu in Chinese. That's what
the 2.2 million number is reflecting, those using Google in English.

Google already withdraw out from China due to country policy. Basically local people unable to use google products as it was blocked. I believe the traffic you receive are those who are using VPN to promote in China, better look for baidu.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Latest Whatsapp Plus Download9 2017 [No Root Required]

Hello my friends, in this post am sharing latest modded whatsapp plus 2017 download free. No need root access for use this whatsapp plus apk file. Whatsapp is a independent social messenger for messaging with your friends and family for free. Now in this world every one using android mobile and using whatsapp messenger daily for chat with their friends. You can use whatsapp messenger for free text messages and free calling. Also you can share your favorite pictures and videos with your friends over data connection. Whatsapp have currently 600 billion active worldwide users.

This whatsapp plus has developed by spanish whatsapp developers. Whatsapp plus 2 is not the official app, it is the third party android app similar to whatsapp messenger. Also you can use whatsapp plus 2018 for iphone. Whatsapp plus reborn has new skin and many more useful features like Hide Online Status in whatsapp, Read whatsapp Message whitout Blue Tick, change whatsapp themes, Customize Whatsapp Launcher icon, Send larger videos in whatsapp. You can also create your own whatsapp themes with whatsapp mod apk called whatsapp plus. here am gonna explain how to install and use whatsapp plus in your android mobile.

How To Install Whatsapp Plus Apk In Your Android :

  1. Download Latest Whatsapp Plus Apk
  2. Then Move the whatsapp plus apk file to your sd card.
  3. Now Go to Settings and open Security
  4. Here Enable ‘Unknown Sources’ and save settings.
  5. Then open file explorer and click on the whatsapp plus app and install it.
  6. Now start using whatsapp plus and enjoy all features.

You can install this whats app plus apk in any android mobile without having root permission. In the original whatsapp messenger, you can send only low quality images. But in this latest whatsapp plus anti ban, you can send original quality images and larger videos without losing any quality. In this modded whatsapp plus apk file you can enjoy all advanced features without root access.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Google Now Planning To Launch A Desktop App For Allo

Popular whatsapp rival, Google Allo , the instant messaging app, will soon have a Desktop application. Google's own Nick Fox tweeted about the desktop app of Google Allo. He said the product is still in early development, which means, the application will be launched sooner or later.

Below is Nick Fox tweet and photo of the desktop Google Allo;

Google Allo Desktop App

Nick Fox Tweet
Not too long ago, Google Allo fell from the top 500 Apps on playstore. This is bad and I think Google should just create one app that combines SMS, MMS, RCS, Allo, and video calling and call it Android messaging and not by making us download separate Apps for different tasks.

However, if Google doesn't change or step up its game, other popular messaging apps like Facebook messenger and WhatsApp would overtake and push Allo to a closet.

How to create multiple instagram accounts in pc without verification

Hello users, Here am gonna share you how to create multiple instagram accounts. Instagram is used by many world wide users for sharing best photos to the worldwide users. You can now create multiple instagram accounts in your pc using bluestacks without any verification. Here in this tutorial am sharing this secret method to multiple instagram create account. Yes, By using bluestacks in pc, you can create instagram account as how many you want. Let’s follow the procedures and create an instagram account without verification.

Bluestacks is the one of the best android emulator for pc. You can run android apps in pc like android users. By using bluestacks in your pc, you can also install whatsapp on your pc like android and start messaging with your friends. In bluestacks you can create a second instagram account / create another instagram account without any verification process.

How to create multiple instagram accounts :

At first download bluestacks on your pc and install it manually.
Now open bluestacks and click on the search icon.
Then type instagram in search bar and download instagram via play store.
Then click on accept and install instagram in bluestacks.
Download Bluestacks Tweaker From Here.
Now open bluestacks tweaker and modify your all Device ID, GUID, Phone Model and Google Advertising ID.
Now go back to instagram and start creating unlimited accounts without verification.

For making this method works, Use any best vpn softwares in your pc. Change your ip address manually after every account signup and start create instagram account online without verification.

You can make maximum 3 instagram profiles per ip address in your desktop pc. After the 3 accounts instagram asking verification process. But start changing your all bluestacks id using bluestacks tweaker and start creating more accounts without verification. There are no account banning issues and other issues with this working method to create instagram account on pc without any verification.

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Friday, February 24, 2017

How To Hack Someones Instagram Account 2017

Here am gonna share you this working method for how to hack someones instagram without their password for free 2017. Instagram is one of the best social network with 100 million members and millions of pageviews everyday. So here is the tutorial for how to instagram account easily. There are millions of accounts hacked in instagram by using this method. Want to hack your friends and enemies instagram account without paying anything to hackers.

In many sites you can hack accounts online like how to hack facebook online. How to hack gmail online and other social network hacking online tools availabe on web. This method also like other online hacking site. For hack instagram account you have to open the below link provided in this post and gain users login details for free. No need any hacking talents and other hacking basic learnings for hack instagram account. Just follow the below method and enjoy instagram hacking.

Features of this hack instagram account 2017 method :

  • Hack any instagram account for free.
  • No need any special hacking talents.
  • Coding and programming knowledge not required.
  • No need any malicious software install.
  • Unlimited free updates.
  • No need to pay anything, it’s completely free.

How To Hack Someones Instagram Account 2017 :

  • At first open the instagram hacker sitefrom here
  • Click on start hacking instagram account link.
  • Paste the instagram account id whom you want to hack.
  • Then click on I Agree and Continue button.
  • Then Choose export method as compressed zip file.
  • Now Download the login details of instagram account.

Enjoy Free instagram account hacking with online instagram hacking tool. This not available on search engines for easy access. You can only view this site with private link. If you were unable to open the site with pc. Just use your android mobile and follow the procedures.

The above method will works fine for solve your question about how to hack instagram. Enjoy instagram hack for free without any softwares and surveys for free.

How To Use Whatsapp Without Internet Connection

Here am back with cool whatsapp trick to use whatsapp without internet connection. Yes, by using below method you can send whatsapp messages and videos without data connection. Now a days our internet bills too higher and it’s increases day by day. So that we can’t recharge our mobile number for using facebook and whatsapp web. But now whatsapp launched a chat sim for it’s users to use web whatsapp without internet connection. Just folow the below all the steps carefully for use whatsapp without internet connection.

Use Whatsapp Without Internet Connection :

ChatSim is just normal network sim card you are using in your devices which are manufactured in Milan, Italy. By using this ChatSim in your android phone you can make the call and contact with your friends and family can use Whatsapp without using an data connection. Not only in WhatsApp, you can also use other messenger apps like Hike messenger, BBM, WeChat and many more.

  • At First, you need to Buy a Chatsim for one Year which costs 950 Rs
  • After puchasing chatsim, you have to activate Chatsim with your number
  • Then Enter the 20 digit verification code on the sim card
  • Once your chatsim is activated then you can use whatsapp without internet
  • Chatsim also supports to send videos and whatsapp calling.

How To Buy Chatsim :

Chatsim cards not available on shops officially. You can buy it on online shopping sites like amazon and others. Just follow the steps to buy chatsim online.

Now pay the amount and complete transaction.

How To Activate & Use Chatsim In Your Mobile :

  • At First Goto 
  • On the sim data section, enter your mobile number and sim id number.
  • Now fill the form with your address and other required infos.
  • Then upload your any identity aadhar card or voter id and continue.
  • Then finish the registration and wait  minutes.
  • Your chatsim will successfully activated now.
  • Enjoy unlimited whatsapp, hike and much more with chatsim.

So guys, above method will helps you to use whatsapp without any internet connection. Chatsim works on all network signas unlike other sim cards. Enjoy unlimited free chatting and whatsapp free downloads and much more with chatsim.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

How To Make Invisible Facebook Profile Name

How to make invisible facebook profile name – Hey guys wanna make your facebook profile name as invisible?. Yes, facebook is the number 1 social network in the world and billions of users using facebook everyday. In facebook many peoples doing many attractive things for impress the peoples and making fun. The one of the best trick is invisible name on facebook profile. You can hide facebook name and make empty name in facebook search easily without any harder procedures. Many users finding new facebook tricks everyday and you can also get facebook tricks for enjoy facebook with more fun.

Here is the working method to create invisible name facebook profile. And hide your facebook profile name. Just use the below steps with opera mini browser. This trick was working fine with opera mini browser. So i suggest to download opera mini browser for android. And use this trick only with your android mobile using opera mini. For pc users, you can use opera for pc and change your proxy settings in windows and follow the below instructions.

How to make invisible facebook profile name :

➤ Just Download Hola vpn from google play store.

➤ Then install it in your android mobile and open.

➤ Now choose the proxy server location as indonesia and connect hola vpn.

➤ Open Your Opera browser and go to or

➤ Now navigate to settings > Account Setting > General > language.

➤ Here select your facebook language to bhasha indonesia.

➤ Then again goto settings and open general settings.

➤ Here select your name option and change your name with below characters.

➤ Just Remove The K and K from the invisible charecters and paste it on name box.

➤ Just save the settings and confirm your invisible name.

➤ Now after change the name, Go to language settings  and change your language to english and confirm.

This method working for all worldwide fb users.  Enjoy hidden profile name on facebook and enjoy fb with more fun. Now enjoy your invisible name. Sometimes, you will get some errors by entering this invisible name charecters not allowed in facebook profile name policies. But just disconnect the vpn and close your browser and reconnect the hola vpn and follow the all guides. If you have any problem, Just comment here. We will respond your commends shortly. Share this post with your friends by using below social sharing icons. Keep visiting for more updates.

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How to increase twitter followers organically

Here am going to share you this working method for increase twitter followers organically for free. Twitter is one of the best social network for find the trending topics in world. Many people’s are searching how to get twitter followers, how to get followers on twitter for increase their followers count. But getting natural bulk followers is not easy. Only celebrities can get huge traffic from twitter. You can use this below Easy way to get unlimited twitter followers instantly for free. It’s working fine and tested with my twitter profile. Yes, today am going to share this awesome method for how to get more followers on twitter instantly for free.

There are many social exchange sites like addmefast and other sites for getting targeted twitter followers from any country. But this method not depend on that social exchange sites. If you are not satisfied with my how to get more twitter followers method, You can just use the addmefast for increase twitter followers by following others. Follow the below guide to get twitter followers instantly for free.

How to increase twitter followers organically :

➤ Just go to twittercounter site.

➤ Here you can get top 100 users with huge natural followers.

➤ Now start follow their profiles and wait 5 minutes.

➤ You can open the profiles on new tab and clicking follow button instantly.

➤ Then after the 1 minute, Just unfollow all.

➤ Then start repeating the steps every 1 hour to increase your twitter followers naturally.

This process working fine with all twitter users profile to get unlimited twitter followers instantly. Basically when you start following that profile users, Visitors who checking that profile, start following you. Because twitter displays only newest followers in the profile. So that when some one start follow that users, They also start following you by twitter suggestion. Then you can increase twitter followers instantly for free. After this post you can understand how to get more twitter followers for free. also check the below guides to get traffic from twitter for free to your blogger and wordpress blogs.

How To Increase Your Blog & Site Traffic From Twitter :

At first get a good natural followers by above method. Then start posting your blog’s popular topics in twitter profile. Use hashtags with your niche related keyword.

For example : #Airtel4G, #FreeInternet, #SeoTips, #Wordpress, #Blogger, #MakeMoney, #Hacking, #HowTo, #Airtel Like this hashtags. You can also use some other most related keywords in your tweets for peoples attentions for increase twitter followers organically. There are many other methods to increase website traffic from twitter. I will share them in future article with detailed explanation.

So above tips will help you to increase twitter followers instantly and how to get traffic from twitter profile. Use this method in 8pm to 10pm everyday. Or select any most active users time and start twitter followers method, and tweet your blog posts with trending keywords. Share this post with your friends.

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Facebook is About to Launch a Standalone TV App

The largest social network Facebook is about to launch a new standalone TV app. The new app will let Facebook users watch videos from their friends and their 'liked' pages on TV, as well as
watching the top live videos. Facebook also said that it will recommend videos based on ones you've already watched but (presumably) on a much larger screen.

The new app will give Facebook better chances of competing with YouTube and other traditional television channels.
Any user with Apple TV, Amazon’s Fire TV and
Samsung’s smart TVs will be able to view Facebook’s user-generated videos through their own boxsets.

Facebook CEO, Mark says he wanted " Facebook to become the place users go when they “want to watch videos or want to keep up to date with what’s going on with their favorite show. ”

Facebook users were watching more than 100 million hours of video every day in early 2016, and Facebook wants even more.
The new app, which will launch in the next few weeks, gives Facebook yet another way to reach consumers interested in videos and, most likely, another platform to sell video ads.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How To Turn Off or Reduce Facebook Notifications

Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the world with over one billion active users. It is one of the most visited websites on earth and the application is one of the most downloaded apps on Playstore. But at times, Facebook get frustrating because of massive notifications and useless requests like candy crush game invitations as well as adding you to groups without your consent.

In this article, I will show you how to adjust, minimize or turnoff Facebook notifications so that you won't be getting all those useless alerts, beeps and sounds that is of no use to your life. Although some of the notifications are very important, coming from work colleagues or interesting groups but believe me, 90% of Facebook notifications are of no use to users, hence the writing of this article.
Facebook is free to use social networking website. Registered users are free to create profile, upload any photo, video send any messages to others, create groups, invite friends to like pages, add people to groups etc. Facebook is available in 37 different languages for his users globally including Hausa, Yoruba and recently Igbo (in progress). After downloading and installing Facebook app you will get regular notifications from the Facebook on your mobile.Some of the common notifications you can receive on Facebook are birthday, video, audio, image upload, status updates, group invitation, tagging, mentions, pokes, friends requests, group discussions, game invitations or other type of notification messages. These notifications directly and indirectly affects our work and daily activities negatively. So that's why it's necessary to adjust or just turn off Facebook notifications.

Step One
Login to your Facebook account on your Mobile, Laptop or Computer.
Step Two
Click on the Notification icon which is located on the top right corner of active Facebook window. You will get three options in the Facebook notification window.
1. Mark All as Read
This option mark all un-read messages or notification as a read.
2. Mute
This option allows you to mute the notification messages for specified minutes or hours.
3. Settings
Settings option allows you to quickly turn off or change the Facebook notification settings. If you don’t want to see any specific Facebook notification then you have to disable that notification.
Congrats, you have successfully saved yourself from some or all annoying Facebook notifications and you can have rest of mind as you focus on your daily activities without distractions.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Facebook To Start Paying You For Uploading Videos

Facebook is working on how to start paying you for all those videos you add on Facebook. Virtually, not every facebook users upload videos and when some upload videos, it just a few seconds video..

This future advance development, is just like those YouTube users, as YouTube does through adverts whrn you upload video but don't get too excited yet as there's a twist on this
story. A very painful and worrying one. If you're willing to compromise loosing some of your facebook fans or friends who usually view the videos you upload.

A conversant user of YouTube will remember that there is a pre-roll ads on YouTube that often start earlier before the video you wish to view and might only be skipped after 3seconds?

But Mark Zuckerberg don't fancy the YouTube-style ads so he is planning to introduce a different variety of advertising that might show to be very demanding.

I am talking about mid-roll ads. These ads are coming to facebook videos, and they're going to interrupt what you're
watching to display an advert.

The mid-roll advertisements comes out after you have watched a video for about 20 seconds. Thankfully it is for videos that are about 2 minutes in length, however they have the abilities to make men and women discontinue watching facebook videos after the initial 20 seconds.

Presently, Mid-roll ads have already been tested for live videos, however the brand new rollout will now comprise all videos on facebook.

Interestingly, Facebook will likely be sharing ad revenue with the content material creators, keeping 45% of all revenue for itself - just like YouTube does.

For now, this still in the testing mode, but if it proves successful then assume most videos you see on fb to become ad-infested pretty soon.

Meanwhile, I believe it will have option due to privacy issues on facebook. Facebook wouldn't want to infringe on users privacy by using adverts without users consent. This is my assumption
by the way.

Stats shows that Facebook users are already watching one hundred million hours of video per day, so this may increasingly bag the social community some opportunity to make money by
doing what they love doing.

Do you always upload videos on
Facebook? This move can be a
turnaround that will earn you some cash by just uploading videos.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How You Can Backup to Google Drive On WhatsApp Account 

WhatsApp Inc- was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, both former employees of Yahoo!. After Koum and Acton left Yahoo! in September 2007, the duo traveled to South America as a break from work. Whatsapp today has hit more than a billion of users and downloads.

WhatsApp is now a popular messenger app which has More than 1 billion users and downloads in over 180 countries using WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends and family.

Backup refers to the copying of physical or virtual files or databases to a secondary site for preservation in case of equipment failure or other catastrophe. When you backup all the files on yout WhatsApp, you will br able to restore them back if they get missing or mistakenly deleted.

Step 1 : Firstly, launch or open your WhatsApp Messenger.

Step 2 : Now click on the Menu Button > then click "Settings" >> "Chats".

Step 3 : Click "Chat Backup" Tap on "Back up to Google Drive"and set up the backup frequency to your liking, or tap Back Up to do an immediate backup.

Step 4 : You will be prompted to select a Google account that you will back up your chat history to. If you do not have a Google account, tap Add account when prompted. Please remember the Google account you are using for the backup.

Step 5 : Tap on Back up over to choose the network you wish to use for
backup. Please note that backing up over cellular may result in more or
additional data charges that's requires data.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Checking Someone's First Tweet On Twitter

Have you ever wondered what could be the first tweet of your favorite stars? Well, there is a way to see the first tweet of someone on Twitter with ease. This is really fun because you get to see dumb mad you your favorite celebrities, right cool? Without wasting a lot of your time, click on the link below to check out the first person tweet.

Compruebe The First Tweet Of Someone On Twitter

Once the page open, just type the twitter driver you want to check and click Search, the first tweet of that identifier appears within 3 seconds.

Here are some screenshots of Justin Bieber, Selena Gimez, Davido and Wizkid, have fun with it and share your experience in the comment box below are presented.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave it in the comment box below. We will contact you as soon as possible!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Telegram Finally Discontinues Help For Older Variations of Android OS

Telegram that's a newly introduced social messager app that a hits quite a few customers because of ut freebies. it's far now not news that both Telegram and WhatsApp are timid approximately finishing assist for positive classes of devices
this 12 months.

Now, Telegram have already has started out showing it early this year via quitting support for Android gadgets going for walks Android 2.2, Android 2.3 and 3.0 too. Android 4.0 Ice Cream.

inside the meantime, Sandwich is the bottom running framework rendition required to run Telegram's maximum current shape.

I trust this move is made to healthy new factors on the twine utility which extra set up android bureaucracy may not no longer bolster.

A comparable reason WhatsApp is unyielding on sticking to this same pattern.

however, on the off threat that you are a Telegram patron or fan as yet strolling the Android greater pro version, you could at present get for your Telegram account through the net out of your versatile software or pc web application. The same applies to whatsapp customerst

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Good News: WhatsApp Extends Support For Old Devices Till 30th June 2017

As most of us already know, WhatsApp initially planned on stopping Support for some old devices today, January 1st 2017 but they have decided to postpone it.

According to an announcement made by WhatsApp ealry last year, “As we look ahead to our next seven years, we want to focus our efforts on the mobile platforms the vast majority of people use. So, by the end of 2016, we will be ending support for WhatsApp Messenger on the following mobile platforms”Now, WhatsApp has decided to extend support till June 30th, 2017. So if you happen to be one of those who ought to have been cut off today, you now have 6 more months of grace.

List of devices that will no longer get support from WhatsApp:-
=> BlackBerry, including BlackBerry 10
=> Nokia S40
=> Nokia Symbian S60
=> Android 2.1 and Android 2.2
=> Windows Phone 7.1
=> iPhone 3GS/iOS 6

So if your current phone falls into one of the categories listed above, then it's time for you to let go of that already obsolete device and upgrade into something more current.

How to Stop Automatic Download of Pictures & Videos on WhatsApp

Those of us that belong to different groups on WhatsApp might have noticed this, which can be completely disgusting; most times you check your gallery only to find out some strange pictures and videos… on a normal day, you won’t download such but your mobile boss automatically downloaded it on your behalf.

WhatsApp messenger is set automatically to download pictures posted in a group or individual chats with or without your consent. This is not nice because most people in groups post inappropriate pictures and the only way you can stop it from getting to your device without your consent is to set your WhatsApp messenger not to auto download pictures.
How Prevent WhatsApp From Downloading Pictures &Video Automatically?

>>Go to settings
>>Click on Data usage
>>Under media auto-download, click on when using mobile data, uncheck the button. Do the same for when using wifi.

Once you are through, hit the OK button and you are good to go.
With this new settings, no video or pictures will auto download again except you chose to download it.

Fast to use Facebook Chat without messenger board

Hello friends, Today I tell you a trick for Facebook Chat Without Messenger. Yes! Now you can chat on Facebook with friends and family without using Facebook Messenger. You can chat with all your Facebook friends directly without a Facebook application and even without messenger download.

Facebook is one of the most commonly used applications on the mobile phone. These days the Facebook application increases in size every month. Previously, Facebook consumes 20MB on disk and 5MB of RAM. But today, Facebook takes up much of your phone memory and RAM. Currently, the Facebook application takes storage of 200MB and 150MB 100 of your RAM. In this scenario, the smartphone stops working and hangs. Well, if you are facing the same problem. Then follow the steps below and use facebook without messenger download.

I will share an app below. You need to download the Modded Facebook application on your smartphone. This application consumes much less disk space and reduces RAM consumption by more than 70%.

The Android version should be more than 2.3.

You must completely remove the Facebook app on your Android phone.

Make sure that even if you have removed all sorts of hidden files from your disk space.

Use Facebook Chat Without Messenger:

Note: Modded Facebook App is in the .apk file. Visit Settings => Security => Allow applications to download from unknown sources.

Now download and install the Modded Facebook application on your Android device.

Now, sign in to your Facebook account.

Do not worry, it is totally safe. This app is safe and does not store your personal information. If your Android version 6.0 Marshmallow. So will fail and create a problem for yours. Do not worry, because you can easily eliminate this error.

Open your Android phone settings.

Now press the applications.

Then, scroll down and press Facebook.

Now, press the permission and allow any permission.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

You  can now edit and delete messages from WhatsApp, but only if you have not read them yet

Almost everyone wished they could delete a text message sent in a hurry at some point.

Now, the email application WhatsApp adds the ability to do so.

However, an updated Facebook property application does allow users to remember a message before it has been read by the recipient. Read more after the break ...

WhatsApp seems to test the new feature on its beta software for iPhone, according to an image posted on Twitter by @WABetaInfo.

Was released a screenshot of the new feature with the words: "WhatsApp starts working on editing messages (disabled by default) #whatsappbeta '.

This suggests that the function is first disabled and beta software users currently have to find and activate.

When users click on a message and it is said that the new update has two options: "Edit" or "Revoke"

The first will allow the user to update the content of your message, while the second will allow you to fully remember.

WhatsApp has not officially confirmed the new feature.

WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, is the world's most popular messaging service and currently has over one billion users.

Last month, the app officially launched video calls around the world on iOS, Android and Windows Phone users.

According to the safety data standards, the new feature video call is fully encrypted, call protection to be heard.

This week, EU regulators accused Facebook of providing "misleading" and "incorrect" information during its $ 15,400 million ($ 19,000 million) acquisition of WhatsApp in 2014.

They claim that Facebook "intentionally or through negligence" presented misleading information that was contrary to merger rules in the EU.

If the charge passes, opens to a possible fine of one percent of its turnover, ie £ 100 million ($ 125 million) Facebook.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Facebook Is Testing A New Custom fram Photo Tool

The space of social networking today is proven to be one of the most difficult areas to date digital battle. The market just seems to follow their own trends, often mysterious, sometimes leaving the titans like Google on the big picture. The mercurial nature of the company, therefore, fast and aggressive competitive moves mandates and it is no secret that Facebook and Snapchat have been tied into a social battle for a while.

In response to the first multimedia approach ghost yellow niche, Facebook began to experiment with their own experience in several cameras. The latter is a limited release feature that allows users to create custom profile profiles. The idea is exactly what it sounds like - you take your favorite editing software from the picture and create transparent images, then organize, upload to Facebook and have you and others use it as photo frames.

Currently, the beta is currently being tested in Colombia, Mexico, Taiwan, UK and Ireland, which have been selected for this initial release, which markets currently use Facebook photo profile frames are the most. This is precisely where this first custom installation function currently frames resides.

However, the company has bigger plans for the future. Custom frames are actually part of a much larger package, Facebook calls the camera deck effects. As the name suggests that the social giant plans to expand the role to both functionality and achieve the ultimate goal of creating an experience similar to Snachat with life filters, labels and superposes these frames.

In fact, another beta version of what is known based on the camera on Facebook application is currently running test in Ireland as well. It covers all the Snapchat databases, such as the animation mask and the aforementioned filters and throws into other interesting twists, such as "reactive" filters that respond to body movements, Prisma style d Art and geofiltros.

The latter seems actually more promising in our opinion, because of the nature of the Facebook platform. Users and businesses can benefit from geographically-oriented filters, overlays or other content that only the camera is enabled and available to the user in the vicinity of a venue or while participating in an event. Of course, Snapchat is not far behind on this front either.

If you live in one of the markets of the beta test tool customized profile you can check the source link where you will find some tips for making overlays and content guidelines. Currently, Facebook seems to be viewing function as a promotional tool for events and causes, so that most other uses can be rejected. At least at this early stage, namely. There are models also download and use.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

How I Increase  My Instagram Followers With This Best Tools 

Due to the increased use of smartphones, there has been an effective change in people's lifestyles. People have now continued to get in touch with each other and prefer to share more of their lives on social networks. Therefore, every smartphone manufacturer is doing better and better cameras because people like to click on a lot of photos every day. She likes people is to share these photographs clicadas and for this purpose there are many social networking sites and applications available. Instagram is the best sharing of social network photos on the Internet. Its number of active users has played the sky since Facebook bought. Due to the popularity of Instagram, people consider it a platform to share their best image and thus gain fame. For this, people are always looking for a way to increase Instagram followers. There are several ways to increase followers on Instagram.

The increase Instagram subscribers.

1. Use true followers to Instagram.

Real Estate Subscriptions for Instagram is an application that will increase the followers very quickly and easily INSTAGRAM. This application has a simple formula for tastes, sites and monitoring. Follow the others, then you will get the track back. Like other post, then you will like it again. See other item, then you get again video views. This application ensures that there is a rapid increase in the number of followers on Instagram.

2. Install Get More Subscriptions.

Get Subscriptions Plus is an application that aims to make the star of Instagram. It is very easy to use and their unique techniques are sure to increase quickly and safely Instagram follower. You can also use a shortcut and buy fans and followers on Instagram sell using this application.

3. Like other pictures.

This is one of the best ways to mark their presence on Instagram. By loving the photos that interest you get other users to post similar photos notice, then follow it. You can also go to the page and start exploring Instagram photo by as the best pictures of the page. Then look at "hashtags" similar to the photos you post and other photos. You will surely see many followers on your Instagram account.

4. Publish regularly, but not very often.

Do not publish too many pictures everyday, but make sure to do it regularly so that your followers are interested in your Instagram account and work. Wait about 12-15 hours between messages. This is most effective for the average Instagram follower to stay engaged gap.

5. Participate in Shoutouts.

A Shoutout is a way to pay attention to another account in your Instagram in publications or subtitles. This way, more people come into contact with your account and get more followers. It is very beneficial if a famous account gives you shoutout. Many Instagram accounts received a big hit to followers after getting a shoutout from a celebrity or brand. You can exchange a favor shoutout or pay a famous account to do so.

6. Manage your account.

When someone visits your profile, you must make sure not to leave without touching the button below. Here are some guidelines so that you can properly manage your account for more followers.

➤ Establish a profile image associated with your account.

➤ Propose BIO that you and your publications describe exactly.

➤ Make sure you have a theme for all posts.

➤ Do not post a personal photo that is outside the subject in the public account. Set timing.

7. Post At Proper Timing.
You do not want some of his best work in photography to go unnoticed. Therefore, it is recommended that you publish photos to Instagram when you have the largest number of active Instagram users at that time. This will help you get more people, comments and more followers.

According to research experts, the ideal place to publish photos on the Instagram time is from 17:00 to 18:30.

8. Use Relevant hashtags.
When you publish a photo on Instagram, you can write your own subtitles. You can insert in title hashtags to link your photo to keywords. Thus, it becomes easier for people to look for your photos and access your profile. Make sure to use the relevant hashtags of the match and provide an appropriate description of the photo you want to publish. The use of relevant hashtags of Instagram enthusiasts will increase by a significant number.

9. Use TagsForLikes.

TagsForLikes is a very popular application that you can use to pump in your Instagram hashtag game. This application monitors all the top continues as hashtags and an updated list gives you every day. You can copy about 20 popular hashtags together and publish them directly as the title of your Instagram message. This is sure to attract some followers to your Insta account.

10. Geotag Your Publications.

Before posting a photo on Instagram, there is an option to geotag your photo to a specific location. You can use this feature to get more followers. When you mark a photo in a place, it appears in searches bring more people than you to your account. It adds a personal touch to your photos and marks your presence. CONSEQUENTLY, it is strongly recommended to geotag your photos on Instagram.


There are ten quick and easy tips to increase your Instagram followers!

Remember, there is no "get rich quick" when it comes to Instagram followers. Buy fake disciples will damage your long term commitment, fill up your spam account inevitably and create a poor user experience for your current subscribers. And now that Instagram moves to an algorithmic diet, the royal tastes will only grow its influence.

So the above discussion is all about how you can win and grow Instagram followers is really worth it because you see tastes and comments in your posts. This shows that it is online Recognized. For any suggestions, write us in the comments below.