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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Download: Build Windows 10 October 1607 All Editions (x86 / x64) ISO

Now is the time when many people think they know what to expect from Microsoft. Say, will launch a "new" operating system, call the next sequence number with a minimum of changes, with the rejection of its past innovations. How .. bam! Microsoft has exceeded all. Even notorious wzór do not expect such a provision. In general, check the version for review Windooooows, No. 9. Windows 10!

Windows 10 is familiar and easy to use, with many similarities with Windows 7, including the Start menu. He quickly starts and resumes, more integrated security to help maintain security, and is designed to work with the software and hardware you already have. So why later? Download Windows 10 final version on their devices today!

ISO those editions of Windows 10

Windows 10 Home x64

Windows 10 Home x86

X64 Pro for Windows 10 (preloaded)

X86 Pro for Windows 10 (preloaded)

Enterprise X64 Windows 10 (preloaded)

Enterprise X86 Windows 10 (preloaded)

X64 Education of Windows 10 (preloaded)

X86 Education of Windows 10 (preloaded)

How to install?

1. Burn the ISO to a DVD or make a bootable flash drive

2. Start the DVD / USB

3. Follow the installation to accept the terms and click Next.

4. Select Windows 10 Edition to install and click Next, and then wait until it is installed

5. No need to activate as pre-activated!

6. It is

See Download Links Below;
64 bit ISO (3.4 GB) | 32 bit ISO (2.7 GB) |

8 Effective Ways To Get Blog Traffic Fast

You are planning to launch a new website and want to get traffic as soon as possible, but where to start? We give a series of steps to get the visibility of your website in search engines in less time. If you configure your site for SEO from the start, your site will achieve high ranking positions in no time. So, friends, there are 8 tips to get more traffic to a new website or blog.

1. Become familiar with SEO

Google uses hundreds of rating factors to determine where to place the pages in its index, considered to optimize your site:


title page

• Keywords


Meta Descriptions

Social Cues

Rate Website

Internal and external links

CTR, impressions, bounce, etc.

The keywords appear in all these factors. Naturally and not force too much, Google will penalize you.

2. Install Analytics

This tool is essential to monitor your website with all kinds of available statistics: visitors, the source of visitors, bounce rate, interactions, etc. It gives you valuable information about your blog, can help you understand the behavior of their visitors aware of their origins and how they connect.

If you make prospecting campaigns, sales or any other type and you do not measure results,

You are missing the opportunity to optimize your site, and know that aspects must change for the better.

3. Consider the user interface and ease of use

If you need to explain how your website works, you have done something wrong. You must make your site easy to use, intuitive, clean and tidy place to avoid the dropout rate and a low percentage of time spent. There are many tools such as Bounce App that will tell you if your site is easy to use and understand. In addition, you must perform a responsive design that fits any device.

4. Make a sitemap

To do great things for SEO Sitemaps and very common practice for web design. Sitemaps are used to inform the search engines that your website design, content. If you have a site map, you must do as soon as possible to help robots easily read your site.

5. Research

You must research your competitors and do a study on the keywords you want to optimize your website. When someone types a phrase or a word in the search engines for the information that is known as a keyword. Each industry has its own keywords, if you want your website to be among the best is a need for improvement.

How you can search for a keyword?

An indicator is easy to see what your competitors are doing. Note some of your keywords on Google and see who is on the first page. Being atop the leaderboard will take time, but it will get. Apart from that, all you need is a Gmail account to log in to Google Adwords Keyword Planner. This tool will provide traffic estimates and keyword suggestions. This will be your base to start optimizing your site.

6. Use social networking accounts on your blog

Social networks are essential for SEO. Social singles like retweets, followers and "likes" tell Google that your site is trustworthy. The more social actions work best for your site. Make sure all your blog posts have a box to share your post on social networks and all your social networking connections are easily accessible.

7. Check your permalinks

You can see many websites without custom permalinks as Its permanent links are another way to give an idea of ​​Google about its publication. Therefore it is very important to optimize your blog permalinks, for example, you write an article on how to make ice cream with mango then your permalink should be like this your -ice-cream /

Only use a plate to separate two words and avoid using numbers and special characters.

8. Optimize your site to make it faster

The speed of your website is the key to SEO and ranking factor, but not as important as the right content, or

Optimizing keywords in the title. But it is very important and will make your site better for the user. To check the speed of your PageSpeed ​​page, Google tool that finds feeding problems and offers solutions for fixing.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How To Rank Your affiliate Blog site On Google

Hey guys, I work in the affiliate business, which means I create a lot of websites and test a lot of different stuff to try to make them rank and convert.
for CMS I use WordPress, where I have managed to make a website go from unindexet to #2 on Google within a few days, which I thought some of you might find interesting
A little disclaimer is that I did this on medium competition keywords, and not high competition.

It's getting closer to being a year ago where I did it, and I haven't recieved any warnings or messages through Google & bing webmaster tools and so on.
Anyways here's the "recipe" that I used to make this possible

Meta data:
It's improtant to make your meta data top notch.
First of all you wanna go to settings > general and choose the language you want the website to rank for.
URL structure is also really important, so go to settings > permalinks and choose "post name", ideally you customize it for every page though, so it's optimized.
After that is done install "Yoast" or "All in one Seo" and set that up, there is lots of guides for that, so I'm not gonna go in depth with that.

Only 1 H1
A lot of themes have the flaw that they have multiple H1's which can really harm your SEO, so make sure this is not the case with your theme, to check it
view the source and search for H1, this is very critical.

Low spam score
There's lots of factors in spam scores, here's how to avoid a few ones easily:
- Add a contact email or form, this is important
- Every article should be 1000 words
- Do not hide or make links hard to see, this is a huge factor

Sitemap and breadcrumbs
It's important to have a sitemap, and less important to have breadcrumbs, but it's a nice little extra thing that Google rewards.
Yoast and many other plugins offer both of these things.

Pagespeed: Google insight
Pagespeed is becoming one of the biggest factors, so it's important to have an eye on it, a great tool for this is Google's own tool,
It's not hard to hit a score of 100/100, all you need to do is install plugins that does whats listed below.
- Minification (better wp minify, w3 cache)
- Move scripts to footer (scripts to footer)
- Remove Google fonts and other external code (remove google fonts)
- Caching (w3 cache, super cache)
There is a ton of plugins that can do these things, I have written some examples plugins after each point
It's important to note that if your website is built with Jquery or the like, moving Jquery to footer might cause some functionality to not work.
It's a big flaw to have a website which is built with that nowadays though, so you might wanna consinder switching theme if that is your case

A lot of people say that links and mentions is more than half of your SEO, which is why things like linkbuilding is very important.
There is a lot linkbuilding techinques, like creating great content, infographics and much more.
Since my websites are affiliate sites, I don't have content that people naturally link to, therefor I buy links for all of my websites
In my example where my website went from unindexet to rank 2 on Google.
I have my personal favourites which I don't think I'm allowed to mention here, so I won't.
There is a ton of link sellers and websites where you can exchange links for example.
I hope some of you guys can use my little "recipe" or "guide" even though I know it's not a lot of information, it is enough to make a website rank well.
So instead of spending thousand of dollars on some seo expert, go do it yourself!
I'll do my best to answer question
Have a great day
Over and out

Ways You Can Get A Post to go viral

Theres a blogger here in Australia who wrote blogs regularly and had a small track (a few thousand people) and one day wrote a blog post published in their media, then VIRAL. Within hours, he was one of the most popular women in Aus. No more than six months later, has written a book and is now on a world tour. Not the name, but a forum Aussies probably know who I mean.

So the creation of a post-viral, obviously, it seems to be the quick fix to get my mark to the right people. Need not be a blog but no social position has the ability to go viral so here are two things that I picked up on how to get there.

Make content sharing:

It seems obvious, but if you can get people to share your message on social networks it becomes visible in their calendars for friends and so on and so on, once collected some traction will not be too long before its content is in the world.

While many people are too parts (and you probably blocked your RSS feed for this reason!) Overall, people share two reasons to entertain your friends, or because the content is appropriate for a shared experience that they have had with the others.

So keep your educational positions promote your product or service, a life lesson, or anything else that is most likely to find useful. And then try to make it entertaining to boot - I always take this to mean the fun and humor that will attract a large target market.

Be controversial:

This is a common way that people go viral, but probably not the one I'm comfortable with myself. The reason why this will not work for me at this stage because I want my company to be represented in a positive light by all (wherever possible) and if I share half the population thats a statistical risk for me. But the controversy is causing havoc on the playing field of social media so it is recommended if you want to wake up a little reaction.

Has anyone other tips on how to produce content that may go viral? Or is it all in the luck of the draw?

You Can Still Make Money Online With A Blog

Everyone repeats the same thing ... adsense, adsense, adsense ... which is fine, but this is not the main component of a successful business online / blog. You first need to structure their content based on the niche that directs and writes REAL, quality content, if you're not writing at ease high quality articles, then I recommend hiring an experienced writer ... do not take shortcuts.
Superior content will position your site as an authority and also be an asset if you decide to sell it later. you not in accordance with the low quality content, pay a little more and you enjoy years later.

First know what demographic you want to target. As you said that you want to start a health blog is good because you can solve this problem in different ways. Follow these

1. Write the content you are passionate and can generate a lot of traffic
2. Use this traffic to become email subscribers.
3. Send them things that are innovative and interested guard.
4. When you get confidence, start selling products that can be yours or someone else.
You can earn serious money if you focus on the last point. There are people selling things that do not require strict nutritional FDA approval. You can sell these products in exchange for a fee. But before getting into all this selling business, make a blog that explains the benefits of certain vitamins for a human body without mentioning any intention to sell the product immediately. This will show your audience that you are not just a greedy seller. After introducing the product at the end and show how the product is competes well with others in the market.

How To Make Money From A Blog:
1) Set up your blog
2) Start creat
ing useful content
3) Get off your blog and start finding readers
4) Build engagement with the readers that come
5) Start making money from the readership you have through one or more of a variety of income streams

Is a matter of time things will work out for you 

Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not getting traffic

There are many reasons why a website or blog can not get enough traffic. Things like domain age, the author's reputation, the number and type of references (inbound links), the strategy of social media and content freshness play their part, but for the average website problem is in other areas.

9 Simple Reasons Your Blog Still Isn,t Getting Traffic
1.) You Aren,t Sharing it Socially
2.) You Aren,t Focusing on Any One Keyword or Subject
3.) Its Boring as Heck
4.) Your Blog Design is Horrible
5.) Your content is not good enough
6.) You aim for high competition keywords
7.) Your website is slow
8.) You were hit by Panda or Penguin
9.) You hired the wrong SEO firm

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Top 5 File Manager Applications For Android Users

If you happen to be an android user then one of those apps you almost can't do without is the file manager. Although most android devices do come with a file manager by default but those apps only allow you to perform the basics functions like copy, cut, paste etc. So if you want to perform some more advance functions like compressing and extracting of zip files, l managing your cloud drive etc, then you definitely need a third party file manager app.
Although there are lots of file manager applications on the Android app store but in this post I will list out the best among them and also list out some of their features .

1. ES File Explorer
This is no doubt one of the best file manager app you can get for your Android smartphone. Aside letting you access and organize your local files, ES File Explorer also makes it easy for you to access your cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, skydrive and box.

With ES File Explorer, you can extract and compress zip or RAR files, you can access the root folders, it also has built in remote file manager and application manager which let's you easily manage and share your apps with other android users.
Features Of Es File Explorer
=> Application Manager: Categorize, uninstall, backup, and create shortcuts to your apps
=> Remote File Manager: When this feature is enabled, you can manage files on your phone from your computer
=> Built-in ZIP and RAR support: Allows you to compress and decompress ZIP files, unpack RAR files, and create encrypted (AES 256 bit) ZIP files
=> Built-in viewers and players for various file types: Including photos, music, and videos; supports third-party applications such as Quick Office for better productivity

2. Solid Explorer
If you need a file manager application that combines both beautiful UI and great functionality together then you can't go wrong with this app. It features two independent panels which let's you browse through your files and folders easily.

Just like ES Explorer, if also let's you access your cloud storage. It's easily customizable as you can make adjustments to the themes, icon sets and color schemes. You can also adjust the interface to match your taste.
Features Of Solid Explorer:
=> Two independent panels serving as file browsers
=> Rich customization options: icons sets, color schemes, themes
=> Drag and Drop inside and between panels

3. File Manager (Explorer)
This is one of the oldest third-party file manager application on the Google play store. This app has gone through total UI modification with lots of added features.

One of the good things about this app is that it supports lots of file extensions. It let's you stream online even without downloading, it comes with built in text editor, image viewer etc and also let's you create a file shortcut on the home screen.
Features Of File Manager (Explorer) :
=> Cut, copy and paste files
=> List and grid view for file explorer
=> Compression and decompression support
=> Supports both local and remote (LAN/SMB) file systems
=> Supports FTP, FTPS, SFTP and WebDAV
=> Play streaming media from LAN/FTP/WebDAV/Cloud without downloading
=> Supports FTP file sharing, access remote files wirelessly
=> Supports file shortcuts on the home screen for easy access
=> Built-in text editor, image gallery and SWF player

4. Root Explorer
This is one app you can't afford not to have on your Android smartphone if you happen to be an android savy or root user. Root Explorer gives you access to all the available files and folders available on the Android system.

Root Explorer also provides easy access to your cloud drive like Google Drive, Box and Dropbox. It also supports multiple tabs, network (SMB) support, SQLite database viewer, Text Editor, create and extract zip or tar/gzip files, extract RAR archives, multi-select, execute scripts, search, remount, permissions, bookmarks, send files etc.

5. Amaze File Manager
This is actually a new application and it's still in beta version which means more features are still being rolled out. Overall, this is a very great multi purpose file manager especially if you happen to be a root user.

This application is open source, gives you access to your root folders and it's totally free without any ads at all.
Features of Amaze File Manager :
=> Open Source, light and smooth
=> Based on Material Design guidelines
=> Basic features like cut, copy, delete, compress, extract etc. easily accessible
=> Root explorer for advanced users
=> All features freely available without any ads
So guys here are just five of the numerous file manager applications available for Android users. If you think there is any honourable mention that I probably left out then let me know in the comment box below.
Also kindly share this post on your social media platforms.

How I Unlock My Huawei Modem E303 Recently

I just gotten this Huawei Modem e303 from etisalat, I was expecting I would be able to subscribe to an affordable data my old etisalat Sim Card and just insert it in the modem then start surfing.

Instead I was offered some free data (which I wont disclose its size) on my mtn Sim card. The first thing that came to my mind was to use the mtn data on the modem, but the modem was locked to use and connect to the internet only with an ETISALAT Sim card.
I was reluctant so I just inserted my mtn sim card into the etisalat Huawei modem (knowing it wont work) and in a matter of seconds the modem connection interface just pop-up this annoying and disappointing dialogue box, requesting for unlock pin.

So I contacted a friend immediately, a friend who is an expert in unlocking modems (even the modems you think are stubborn) asking him to help me out. He told me to bring the modem so he can unlock it for me, but I wasn’t satisfied with that method, so instead I also took a flash drive along with the etisalat Huawei modem to his house.
On getting to his house, he requested for the modem and i gave it to him. My guy just started the whole unlocking stuffs and ended it in just 1 minutes without inputting any Huawei modem unlock code. The modem started working with all networks instantly.
Being amazed, I asked him “guy you go teach me the stuff o” then he replied “no problem”.
He asked for where he could copy files for me, I gave him my Scan disk 8gig flash drive instantly (then he smiled) so he just copied the software he used in unlocking my modem from his pc to my flash drive, then he taught me how to use it.
I bet you wanna know how and which software he used.

How To Unlock Huawei Modems With Huawei Modem Unlocker
1) The first step is to Download and install Huawei Modem Unlocker to your PC.

2) The second step is inserting another network sim card into the huawei modem.

3) Now connect the modem with your computer or your laptop.

4) After connection of the modem with your pc, now launch the huawei modem unlocker where you installed it

5) Inside the Huawei unlocker software you will see a check box labelled “ Auto Unlock Modem ” just tick the box

6) After ticking the check box now look below, you will see a big UNLOCK button with huawei logo on it.

Click the button and wait for the Huawei modem unlocker to do its job.
7) Always look at the RESULT tab below the software interface to see the progress of your unlocking, if its successful or not.

That’s it, the modem unlocker will auto generate the unlock code and use it to unlock the modem automatically.

After all those are done successfully you can now launch your modem application and configure the internet settings of the inserted sim card network to it.

This is the screen capture of me checking my remaining mtn data bundle balance on my Etisalat Huawei E303 Modem after unlocking it

Is there anywhere you don’t understand quite well in this post?
Or maybe there is a modem playing hide and seek with you, or you also have another method to unlock modems.